Monday, June 08, 2009


I need a haircut.

I needed a haircut a month ago but I was busy doing other things.

Also, I am letting my bangs grow out. They're almost tuck-behind-my-ears length again. (Yes, I'm a tucker. Imagine all the pictures below tucked behind my ears.)

Because I may have somewhere important to go this month, and I may just want to look nice in case, I don't know, somebody is taking pictures or something—I don't want to just get any old haircut. I want to get a totally cool haircut.

I found this site that will let you upload a photo of yourself, then you can try on different hairstyles and colors.

I don't need help with the color. I will be doing this lovely shade to the left—Brazilian Brown. If I can find it. Wal-Mart was out when I checked on Saturday. If I can't get this color, I may go jet black with lavendar tips.

And I don't color my hair to cover the gray. Even though I'm way old, I only have three gray hairs and I'm quite proud of them. I color my hair because it's fun.

But back to my haircut. I've narrowed it down to five—and I just can't decide.

#1: The Short Shag

I like this one, although it's a tad shorter than I've been going lately. But it's pretty much wash & wear—very easy to style.

#2: Prim & Proper

Now this one looks like something a respectable business woman would wear, doesn't it? It would take a little work for me to make this one look nice. My hair has a natural kink (not quite a curl), so this would require product and blow drying and straightening.

#3: Tasteful Tips

I've done this style a lot. I like it, so I keep coming back to it. In fact, this is what I got the last time I got a cut. It looks very nice, when I keep it up but it's kind of shaggy right now. So if you've seen me in the last month, don't judge this style by what it looks like now. Also, this photo looks a little dorky. That's because I'm not looking straight forward in the picture. Anyway, this one isn't quite wash & wear, but it doesn't take as much work as #2.

#4: Casual Cool

This one is similar to #1, but a little longer and a little shaggier. I wouldn't wear it brushed forward toward my face like that. I'd wear it tucked behind my ears. It will take some product and blow drying, but not much with the straightener.

#5: Rockin' Granny

I've had this style before too, and I like it when I keep it up. It takes product, blow drying and flipping with the straightener, but surprisingly, it doesn't take as much work as #2 because I don't have to get it perfect. The only down side with this one is Sandra just got a very similar cut last week and if I come to church with this cut, people will think I'm copying her. (Do I care?) (Does she care?)


So there you go. My five options. I'm really okay with any of these styles, so the one that gets the most votes is what I'll tell my stylist to do.

Contest: Tell me in the comments section which hair style you think I should get and why. (The why doesn't matter so much because it's a "most vote" contest, not a "best reason" contest, but I still like to know why you've picked one over the other.)

Prize: An as yet unselected hair doo-dah. Everyone who votes on a style will get an entry for the prize, even if your pick isn't the winner.

Deadline: You have until I get it cut. Since I haven't been able to reach my stylist, I don't know when that will be yet. But as soon as I know, I'll post the deadline here. (I hope it's this weekend.)


Jim said...

Tasteful Tips

Rachelle said...

I like #1, but I'm a wash and wear type of gal. :) I wanted to tell you that I’m hosting an incredible giveaway for a $195 EZ View Desktop on my blog. Come on over and enter!

Sandra said...

Well, I like 1 & 5 but then those are usually the cuts I get. And I wouldn't care if your cut was similar to mine or even the same exact one as mine. But I choose 1 & 5 because they are easy to do and maintain and you don't have to have them perfect to make them look good- the other cuts you can tell if even one hair is out of place. And 1&5 grow out nicely- it takes awhile for them to look shaggy.

Jess said...

I like #1 the most i just think it looks the most like you. so thats what im going with. :)

Melanie Goldmund said...

Number one, just because I'm a "wash and go" type person myself.

Luisa Perkins said...

They all look nice, but I think #1 is the cutest, and wash and wear is what I like.

Suan said...

i vote for #1
i think it looks cute
and sounds easy to style
cool website... i might have to go give it a try

Susan said...

I like #1, simply because it looks the best.

G. Parker said...

I vote for #1...I just think it looks most like you. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Number 1 for sure


Heather B. Moore said...

Is it too late?

#1 would be cute, or #2.

Anonymous said...

I vote to shave it like the Oconner woman

Lori Nawyn said...

You're #1, definitely!


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Anonymous said...

Donna said
I like one the best too. So just do it.

Anonymous said...

Kandis says,
#1 for sure it would look so cute. Holy wow!!! So I believe you should pick that one because it is going to look the best.

Btw... I love it when you do these things they are just so fun.