Thursday, June 25, 2009


What?! You thought that just because today was the wedding that I wouldn't post a contest?

Oh ye of little faith. (Or maybe I should say, oh ye who do not know that Blogger let's you schedule posts.)

While I'm off playing Mother-of-the-Bride, you guys can play here.

This is a quiz. How well do you know Karlene? (Answers can be found here on the blog between April 1st and today.)

  1. What is Karlene's favorite April Fools Joke?

  2. Who did Karlene recently have to break up with?

  3. Which writer's conference did Karlene recently attend?

  4. Where does Karlene wish she had taken her kids when they were younger?

  5. Which television show does Karlene never want to be on?

  6. What very sad thing happened on May 16th?

  7. What event inspired the SNORT contest?

  8. What does Karlene collect?

  9. Which love song reminds Karlene of her DH?

  10. What beverage is Karlene addicted to?


Contest: Post your answers in the comments section.

Deadline: You have until midnight Monday, June 29th, to post your answer in the comments section.

Prize: Winner is the one who gets the most answers correct. Prize is your choice of any of the remaining prizes HERE. If there's a tie, I'll do a random drawing for the winner.

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Sandra said...

1. Baby Burrito (aka Pilaf)
2. dentist
3. LDS Storymakers
4. Smithsonian
5. Wife Swap
6. Provident Book closed
7. Megan's wedding- happy day!
8. Pigs
9. Colour Everywhere
10.Sobe- I would tell you the flavor, but my mind is blank this morning, but I know it when I see it because you can't get it everywhere, and you like the fountain mix better than the bottle.

See you this evening

Suan said...

1. rayder
2. the dentist
3. lds storymakers conference
4. simthsonian museum
5. wife swap
6. the book/toy store closing
7. road trip with megan last year
8. pigs
9. ???
10. sobe-grapefruit/cranberry

some of these were tough :)