Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I had my nails done. They've been really bad for months—they keep breaking and peeling, hangnails & overgrown cuticles. Ugh. I'd post a photo but you might be eating and I wouldn't want to spoil your appetite.

I'm going to go with a basic French Tip (to the right) for the wedding. I don't want to scare off my new in-laws by letting my personality shine through. But when I was trying to decide what to do with my nails, I came across some gorgeous images on the web. (And I would totally wear any of these designs.)

Which do you think is my fav?

Floral Rhinestone

America, I Love You

Luck O' the Irish

The Phoenix

Business Casual

Guns & Roses

Contest: Leave a comment stating which nail art you think is my favorite.

Deadline: You have until midnight on Saturday, June 27th to post your answer in the comments section. Two winners: 1) a random drawing from everyone that guesses; and 2) a random drawing from everyone who guesses correctly.

Prize: Your choice of any of the remaining prizes HERE.

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Chanté said...

This one is tricky...but I say the business casual.

Susan said...

Not to gopy Chante, but I totally agree - business casual seems to be you. Personally, I like the Guns & Roses best.

Melanie Goldmund said...

I think The Phoenix, just because that's the one I like the best.

Suan said...

here's our votes....
kandis-floral rhinestone
suan- that's a tough choice but i will go with the one i like best...luck of the irish

Jeri said...

can't decide between the phoenix and business casual. I can totally see you in the bus. casual, but I think the phoenix matches up with your love of fantasy...

I'll let my vote be the phoenix, since it has less votes

Jess said...

I almost wanna say Guns & Roses just because its not taken yet.. but my first guess would have been Luck O' the Irish or Business Casual.

Sandra said...

I vote with Jess, Guns and Roses with Phoenix coming in a close second.

Natasha Ireland said...

I had it narrowed down to two...and my first instinct is LUCK O'THE IRISH and since it's Irish like my last name...I choose that one :)

Cindy Beck said...

I vote for Phoenix!