Monday, June 22, 2009

SNORT Those Piggie Toes Winner!

In the SNORT My Piggie Toes contest, commenters were asked to tell me what and where they might get a tattoo. I said I'd choose a random winner, unless one of them really cracked me up. Some of them are very funny.

I've decided to award two prizes—a random winner and a hilarious winner.

But first, someone asked me what I would get if I were to get a tattoo. Well, it won't happen because 1) Pres. Hinckley (the previous prophet of my church) said not to get tattoos, so I won't; and 2) I can't handle the pain.

But if I were to get a tattoo, I'd get two—one on each foot. On one foot, I'd get a new star for every grandchild (I wouldn't get the cupcake, but I'd have some big decoration in the middle with the stars surrounding it); on the other foot, I'd have a book as the large central piece, and get a new star for every published book I wrote (I'd have two).

Now, on to the winners.

The randomly chosen winner of that contest is:

The hilariously funny winner (I laughed so hard I cried) is:


Natasha and Melanie, go HERE and pick your prize. Also, send me your mailing address.

(Melanie, all the prizes are lightweight, so if you're not coming here this summer, I'm willing to mail it to you via slow boat.)

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[I can't believe I forgot this song for our Pigs in Love CD. It will definitely be added to those that win the vote. Oh, and GO VOTE!!!]

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Melanie Goldmund said...

Hi, Karlene, did you get the email I sent yesterday? *worry*