Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Snortish Quiz—The Winners!

My sister, who knows me better than anyone else does, said my quiz was too hard. I blew it off because I thought it was easy and she was just being a whiner.

But, since there were only two takers, I guess she was right.

The answers are below (including links to where the answers could be found).

  1. What is Karlene's favorite April Fools Joke?
    Baby Burrito, aka Pilaf.

  2. Who did Karlene recently have to break up with?
    My dentist. (BTW, I wrote a nice letter. He's called to talk to me a few times, but I don't answer. I have Caller ID and I just don't want to have that discussion.)

  3. Which writer's conference did Karlene recently attend?
    LDS Storymakers—and it was fab!

  4. Where does Karlene wish she had taken her kids when they were younger?
    The Smithsonian.

  5. Which television show does Karlene never want to be on?
    Wife Swap.

  6. What very sad thing happened on May 16th?
    Provident Book closed.

  7. What event inspired the SNORT contest?
    Nothing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, regardless of what anyone else says or what you might read elsewhere on this blog.

  8. What does Karlene collect?

  9. Which love song reminds Karlene of her DH?
    Colour Everywhere by Deana Carter.

  10. What beverage is Karlene addicted to?
    Sobe Lean Cranberry Grapefruit. Yum! (Okay, this one might not have been obvious if you haven't read THIS post.)

So, there you go. Everything you never wanted to know about me and were hoping no one would ask.

And the winners? Well, I'm in a generous mood, so BOTH commenters get a prize.

Sandra and Suan, go HERE and pick your prize. Also, send me your mailing address.

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(I'm kinda' love songed out right now)


Suan said...

i told you the contest was hard....
yipee! i won! i'll take box #3.
thanks :)

Sandra said...

Yay, me and Suan!! I'll take #20.