Friday, June 26, 2009


This is the last Pigs in Love/song related contest.

First we had the contest to suggest the songs for our CD.

Then we voted on those songs and narrowed it down to 10.

I added three songs to the 10, so there will be a total of 13 songs of the CD.

For this contest, we're choosing the THEME SONG.


  1. Listen to the songs on the Top 13 Playlist (scroll down to the very bottom).

  2. Click Here to take the survey. Select the song(s) you think should be the SNORT Theme Song. You can select as many as you want. The song with the most votes wins. (The person who suggested that song wins a Pigs in Love CD.)

  3. Come back here and post a comment telling me that you've taken the survey.

Deadline: You have until midnight on Tuesday, June 30th to vote and comment. The winner will be randomly chosen from all commenters.

Prize: Your choice of any of the remaining prizes HERE.

*This is seperate from winning a copy of the CD, as described here.

Now playing on my iPod: Everything by Michael Bublé
[I can't believe I left this off the original playlist! It's been added to the top 13 and will be on the Pigs in Love CD]


Jeri said...

I voted - but I'm not sure it took my vote.... (just in case - I voted for "longer" and "you say it best"

Taffy said...

I voted!

Anonymous said...

I voted. I cant believe suan and i didnt mention everything in the beginning. she said she was putting it on so i didnt and then she didnt. lame.jk.


oh ya and if i dont win i totally need this cd anyway. because its awesome.