Thursday, June 11, 2009

Told You They Were Awesome! (SNORT)—CONTEST CLOSED

Yesterday, I'm sure you were thinking, "Black envelopes? What?!?"

Well, they matched the announcements.

Isn't it absolutely darling? I love it.

My oldest daughter, McKenna, did them. She has mad design skillz. She does this during her off time, when she's not at work and after her son goes to bed. If anyone is interested in having her do some design work, contact me and I'll forward your info to her. Just know that she doesn't come cheap, but it's well worth every penny!


Contest: I couldn't really think of a contest that goes along with this, so this one is totally random. I love pigs. Not real live pigs, but cutesy and artistic renditions of pigs. I sort of collect them. I have pig bookmarks and pig ink pens; pig calendars and notebooks; pig spoon holders and salt & pepper shakers; pig slippers, and pig socks, and . . . well, that's enough. If I'm getting tired of typing this, I'm sure you're getting tired of reading it.

So, the question is: How many pigs does Karlene have in her living room? Guess the answer correctly and you win the prize. If no one guesses right, everyone who guesses goes into a random drawing for the prize.

Deadline: Leave your guess in the comments section by midnight, Sunday, June 14th.

Prize: A business or personal card, designed by moî. (McKenna didn't get her skills from nowhere.) This is a print-ready pdf file that you can take to your local printer, or send to Vista Print or another online printer. Or, if you'd prefer, a Blogger web design for the Minima template, including background and header art. (You can see samples of a few of the blogs I've designed HERE , HERE, HERE and HERE. I don't have any business/personal cards online to show you, but they will be coming soon. . .)

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Josi said...

Those are the most darling wedding invites I've ever seen! AND I happen to be in need of a postcard next month :-) I so want to win this one! I'm going to guess nine--nine pigs in your living room--that means within the room, not what you can see in other rooms. I just can't imagine how many pig decorations could be in a living room. My fingers are crossed!

Sandra said...

1) When I got my announcement, the first thing I said was "These are gorgeous!!" Then I had to show them to Jess.

2)I have a business card that Karlene designed and love it, but think I am going to need new ones soon.

3)I have been in your living room- many times and am afraid to guess because I will probably get it wrong, but I will be daring and say 12? I should probably ask Brandi- we can't go anywhere without her seeing a pig that "Sister B would like"

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Those are gorgeous wedding announcements - and the couple is adorable, Karlene!

We get so many announcements that are hard to read or with truly terrible or dorky pictures. THESE are classy!!!

Um, you have 17 PIGS IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!!! ;-D

Erika said...

Those turned out SO cute. I love them!

And my guess is 13 little pigs.

Suan said...

i love the invitations too...i like the green with the black and they picked out a great picture.

how many pigs??
i've been there and i've seen them but i've never counted them....
i was going to guess 13 but melanie already took that # so will guess 11 !

Anonymous said...

Kandis said,
The announcements are super cute. I love them I couldnt wait for Suan to get hers so that I could see it. As for the pigs I say there are 9. I've never been there or anything but that sounds like a nice number.

Lori Nawyn said...

Love the invitations. I'm going to guess 21.

Cindy Beck said...

Really cute invitations. Since you posted it on line, does that mean we're all invited? :)

I guess 21 pigs ... because if you add the two digits together (2+1),
you get 3. And I love the story of The Three Little Pigs.

(How's that for a warped way to guess?)

Pat said...

I was looking to see if you were doing the reading thing again this year, and found this.
I'm going to go "hog wild" and say 47. If you are a true collector, you won't settle for one of those wimpy numbers above.
(Hee hee, no disrespect intended.)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Those are seriously way awesome wedding invitations. I love it when people work their own personalities into things like that.

My guess on the pigs - 32.