Friday, June 19, 2009

What Items Are Most Essential to Me?

Part of Analyzing is determining what is most important to you, so you make sure there's a space created for the things that really enrich your life.

These are the things I love, that bring me joy, or that make me want to get out of bed in the morning (not necessarily in order of importance):

  • My Family—I love it when my family gets together. I love to take photos, but I usually forget or can't find my camera. I especially love the impromptu get-togethers and would love to do more of them. I also love spending time with my husband. And I also like to spend time with my friends. But I am so tired from the daily grind, the grindiness due in large part to the clutter and disorganization, that I rarely get to spend time just hanging with the peeps. Hopefully, a simplified and organized lifestyle will help remedy this.
  • Family Photos/Scrapbooking—I love putting together and looking at my family photo albums. I get a lot of satisfaction from the artistic expression of putting them together. I also feel really good when I remember things we did together that were fun and brought us closer together. It helps me not to feel like such a loser of a mother. I need a place to create these albums, a place to store my supplies, and a place to store and/or display the finished albums.
  • Church/Spiritual Life—This is very important to me and I never seem to get enough. I miss church too often due to health issues, brought on in part by my disorganized efforts at staying healthy. Sometimes I skip church because my lack of organization has put me behind the eight-ball on a project or I'm too exhausted from being overworked on a Saturday. (I tell myself the ox is in the mire, but that's a lie. It doesn't count when you've pushed your ox into the mire.)

    Also, it's hard for me to pray and feel the Spirit when I'm surrounded by a house that is not in order. (Example: The words that go through my mind when I step on a bead while standing up after a prayer do not invite the Spirit to remain with me!)
  • Grandchildren—I love having my Grandma Days! I need a place to keep their cribs and toys that is easy to access but doesn't block daily routines on non-Grandma days.
  • Heirlooms—I have some old furniture, decor items and collectibles that have been handed down to me from various family members. I love this stuff and the heritage that exudes from it. I need places to store and display them. I would really like a unique, character home that lends itself to an eclectic decor, but since that is not possible, there has to be a way to blend these beautiful pieces in with the functional pieces we need.
  • Books—I love books. I re-read books. I sleep with my books. I am committed to paring down my books, but pretty much, a room without books is a travesty in my opinion. I need bookshelves in every room. I need the books organized and accessible and catalogued.
  • Music—I like listening to my music but it's hard to do because I have CDs scattered all over the house and I can never find the one I want. I need a central, attractive, easy to access place for all my CDs, and I need my favs on my iPod.
  • Entrepreneur/Writing stuff—I really, really like starting new businesses. I really, really like writing and editing and anything to do with words. I really, really, really like it when the two are merged together. That is just hog-heaven for me. I need a work space, planning space, physical storage system for organizing and retrieving my ideas, as well as a time system for working on various projects, with ticklers for date-related promotions, articles, etc.

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