Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Not Working? Julie's Fill-in-the-Blank Quiz

I am totally not going to list all the areas in my life/space that aren't working. Let's just say, everything but what I mentioned HERE.

Julie's quiz is fill in the blank. Her part is bold. My part isn't.

  • I can never find my notebooks/planners, to-do/appointment schedules that tell me what I'm supposed to do and when; book that I'm reading; ink pens and clicky pencils (the ones I really like); business files and contracts; tax records and other financial forms; tools, nails, hammer, tape measure; purse; shoes; time; brain; fun.
  • I have no place to put mail; magazines; to read/consider later stuff; gift wrap; baby toys and stuff; gifts for future giving; personal and business files; stuff that goes in my car; outdoor tools/chairs, etc.; out-of-season clothing; momentos; my car; scrapbooking stuff; food storage.
  • There's no room for the grandbaby port-a-cribs and toys; winter coats; puzzles and games; books; eating at the table; having guests stay over; food storage.
  • I am tired of missed opportunities; looking at the clutter; feeling guilty about the clutter; being embarrassed when people come over; looking for stuff; buying stuff I can't find but know I have somewhere; forgetting important to-do stuff and appointments; feeling rushed and overwhelmed; feeling cramped.
  • I can't breathe; think; write; start new ventures; sleep; meet deadlines; play without guilt because of the clutter.
  • I'm losing a lot of money on missed opportunities; missed sales; sloppy and inconsistent marketing and planning; buying stuff I already have; comfort food.
  • The disorganization makes me feel like a loser, incompetent, stupid, bad, embarrassed, guilty, cramped, like I can't breathe or move.
  • When people visit, I cringe (big time!); make excuses; pretend to be in the middle of a major project that explains the mess; stuff things in back rooms.
I'm sure I'll be adding to this list over time.

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