Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Working?

No matter what state of disorder your space may be in, I guarantee that buried beneath the rubble are some systems that are working just fine for you. (Julie, OFIO, 50)

Promise? There's hope? I'm not a total loser?

Seriously, I recognize that there are areas of my life/space that are working well. Most of them are systems that I set in place the last time I went through Julie's book.

Here's what is working for me:
  • Most of my dresser drawers—I have dividers and containers that help keep things separated. For example, my sock drawer. Yes, I have an entire drawer just for socks because I like socks. I got some translucent plastic drawer organizers at BB&B and they work wonderfully.

    The only dresser drawers I have issues with are: the one where I store my electronics cables and the one where I store my TV remotes, toys, books that I play with before I go to sleep at night. And that's because they don't have dividers and organizers. Yet.
  • My color-coded filing system in my home office. I started this with three colors/companies years ago and those three still work. Now I just need to implement the system with the other companies/projects I have going on in my life.
Uhm, that's about it.

I have other places that are almost working and only need a few tweaks. For example, my master bathroom is almost there, my bedroom closet, and my living room. The gray storage unit in my driveway is functional, though a little crowded for my taste—but that's temporary. My shipping table was working pretty well, until I stacked a bunch of junk on it recently.

I also have places that used to work, but either I've outgrown them or they need moving and/or reconstruction due to the current changes in my life. My UB/CSO closet was working until I decided to move that whole area downstairs. Now it's in boxes on the floor. My bookcases and the rest of my shipping area were working but now are filled with overflow. The kitchen worked for about five minutes, but it needs to be repaired, revamped and child-proofed.

I've got my work cut out for me, but I'm thankful for those two gleaming points of light in my life—my dresser drawers and my color-coded files.

It's good to see that something is working. Right?

I said, RIGHT??

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