Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dreaded Garage

Julie says to take before and after pictures. Hah!

Okay, well, here's my garage as of 10:19 this morning:

In the garage are:
  • Things left over from last summer's yard sale
  • Seasonal stuff
  • Stuff I brought home from my parents house when they moved last year
  • A few pieces of furniture we no longer use
  • Junk
  • Trash
  • Etc.

I have a very long storage unit in my driveway where I keep books (from my publishing company). It also had some furniture in it that I don't want or need. I decided that the things in my garage that I wanted to keep, I'd move to the storage unit for now. Then put stuff in my garage that I want to sell or otherwise dispose of.

Then I started two piles alongside my storage unit. One marked "TRASH"—which is stuff I plan to send to the dump. The other marked "FREE/D.I."—which is stuff I'll be giving away and/or taking to Deseret Industries, as I get to it.

You're welcome to drive by and take whatever you want from those two piles. Some of it isn't too shabby, especially the D.I. pile. But it's still dusty and dirty, which is why it isn't already on its way to D.I. I need to clean it up first.

Today's accomplishment: I hired two neighbor boys to help me get started. We got all the storage bins and keepsakes and furniture that I'm keeping moved out into the storage unit and the furniture that I want to get rid of moved from the storage unit into the garage.

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