Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just so it's clear how crazy I am. . .

I have to do some major mucking out (McKenna, that was the phrase I was trying to remember the other day when I asked you what they called clearing out a horse stall) and I have to do it really fast, for a really cool reason that I'll be announcing here in a few weeks.

I spent hours yesterday measuring some rooms and furniture and drawing both on graph paper so I can figure out how to arrange everything before I start moving it. I must have done the math wrong because the furniture is twice the size of the room. And then Baby Burrito spilled my Sobe all over the room map. And Baby Shrek colored on the map with markers. Good thing those guys are so cute!

But anyway. I've mentioned how hard it is for me to dejunk before. It's not so much that I'm emotionally attached to things. (Okay, sometimes it is, but that's a minor part of it.) It's the conversations in my head!

Example from this morning. I picked up a board game and started to put it in the D.I. box when the voices inside my head piped up:

Oooh. The kids loved this game. Wonder if one of them wants it. Maybe I should set it aside and ask them?

No, if they wanted it, they would have taken it already.

Maybe I should put it in a storage bin, in case they change their minds. Or maybe the grandbabies will love it when they get older.

[Go to Wal-Mart to get storage bins that are on sale. While there, I get some bananas, juice, and a couple of other things. Run a few other errands, since I'm already out. Get home. Realize I forgot to get the bins.]

I guess I should just send it to D.I. I can always buy a new copy of the game in 8 years, when the grandkids are old enough to play it.

[Move game toward D.I. box.]

Oh, wait. Maybe I won't be able to find this game in 8 years. It might be out of print by then. I wonder if it's still in print now...

[Go to the computer and google it]

Oh my heck! It's selling on Amazon for $60! I could use $60. I could REALLY use $60. Maybe some of these other games are worth something too.

[More googling.]

Holy crud, Batman! All these games are worth good money. One of them is on Amazon for over $100. I can't send these to D.I. I could sell all these games and maybe get enough money for new carpet.

[Measure the living room and hallway to get square footage. Google the price of carpet.]

Hmmm. I'll have to sell more than these games.

[Google a few more items to see what they're selling for.]

I wonder if DH would agree to spending whatever I make on new carpet. Or if he'd want to pay down the debt first. Debt, definitely debt. That's fine. I'm a grown-up. Debt is a good thing to pay down.

[Start to list the first game on ebay; get to the shipping part...]

Wait, how much does it weigh? How much will it cost to ship this game? I'd need a box.

[Go look for boxes.]

This game is an odd size. Where do I get a box this size?!? Doesn't it cost more to mail odd size boxes?

[Google boxes. Look up mailing prices on USPS and UPS.]

Crud. Boxes are expensive. Maybe I could find a box locally. Maybe I should sell the game before I get a box for it.

Oh, wait. I need the box, so I can weigh the package to figure out the shipping.

I have a headache. I need some chocolate. I'll deal with this tomorrow.

[Toss game back in the muck pile and go take a nap.]

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Kenna said...

I bet you were right with the first line of your internal conversation: if we wanted it we would have come to get it already ;) ;)

Those are some pretty good ebay prices tho... i bet you could just wrap the game box in butcher paper and mail it that way?

Nichole Giles said...

Okay, wait...oh, pshew. I thought I was listening to the voices in my head instead of reading your blog.

Guess what I discovered recently, though. Ebay may rock, but doesn't require shipping! People will come to your house and pick it up. (I know, too good to be true!)

Good luck with dejunking. Maybe I should do that. I wonder what I have that's worth money...


David J. West said...

If you're crazy then I am crazy too. I like to hold onto everything for the just in case of it.

But if you ever dig out anymore boxes of books, let me know, I'd drive over, no expensive gas guzzling trips to the D.I. just to drop off books that they probably already have and just don't need more of. Seriously call me.

Summer said...

Haha! Well, this is rather similar to the conversations I have in my head over whether or not to rid our house of items.

Luisa Perkins said...

I am in the middle of "mucking out" our house as well. Oy.

Sandra said...

And this is why we never see each other anymore, we are both busy acting like we are really mucking out.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Oh, so familiar ...