Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mapping Out the Big Picture

So here are the basic maps showing what I want to do to my space. Most of them are labeled with what I want them to be, not what they currently are. (Exception—the snake pit in the backyard; I want to cement that over and put in another shed.)

As I post about each individual room, I'll go into more detail, but for now this is the overview. (Click on images for bigger pictures.)


Most of the "big furniture" has been moved into place. Some of the things that need to be done upstairs include new flooring in the living room, hall, main bath, kitchen and great room. I may also need to repaint those areas. Right now my walls are a golden yellow and I love them, but it's getting hard for me to see so I think I need to change to a more reflective off-white or cream color in those rooms. The main bath also needs a new paint job.

In the kitchen, I want to paint the cabinets, completely reorganize what's in those cabinets, and possibly get a new fridge. The old one is over 12 years old and making noises, doesn't keep things as cold as it used to, and the ice maker/crusher broke.

I'd really love to put a bookcase with lower cabinets in the Great Room and a flat screen TV over the fireplace. (Doesn't need to be big, just flat.) If possible, new furniture, like a sectional or something so that more of our family can gather in that part of the room.

Eventually, I want a different table in the kitchen, but don't know what yet.

The living room, bedrooms, office and baths need some basic reorganization and a few smaller things but they won't be too much work.

The downstairs needs MAJOR work. I need to convert it into a business, production, shipping area that will allow me to ship books, as well as the product from the new business venture that I can't yet announce to the world.

The two small rooms on the left side were once used as bedrooms. I want to convert the top left to an extra storage space for my UB supplies. The bottom left I'd like to make into a guest room with twin bed (or day bed) and a creative craft room for me, where I can work on my scrapbooking and jewelry projects, etc.

The top middle area used to be my old office. On the right is a nice desk and hutch that won't fit anywhere else. I'm leaving it in place and that's where I'll mix up my CustomScentsOnline orders. The remainder of the space is where I'll put up some tables and shelving for my new venture, for order processing, storage, etc.

The shipping area needs to be slightly revamped to make it more usable. It's not too bad as it is, except I've just shoved stuff in there lately as a temporary holding area while I clear out the other rooms.

Oh, and the hot water heater down there needs to be replaced. It's on its last leg.

The Atomic Dog Room and the Bomb Shelter I won't even deal with at the moment. EVERYTHING else on my list has to be done before I will even think of tackling them!

This image is mostly pie in the sky wishing. When I lived in Orem, one of my favorite times of the day was early morning in the spring and summer when I'd go outside and play in my flower garden. This was so soothing and it revitalized me. I miss that. So. . .

The Rose Garden is currently a ginormous overgrown lilac bush and a bunch of weeds. I love roses and I'd love to have a small, nicely contained grouping of rose bushes there, in various colors and varieties.

The Bush/Strawberry/Lilac area to the right of the porch is dirt and grass, with nothing setting it apart from the rest of the lawn. Right up next to the house it's mostly dirt and very thin grass because it doesn't get a lot of water or sunlight. I'd like to put in a smaller, controlled lilac bush there at the edge of the house—or some other pretty and fragrant bush that can tolerate some shade. Then along the front, some curbing or brick/rock edging to create a flower bed there and plant a variety of bushes and shade tolerating strawberries or other ground cover.

The Flower Garden in the front used to be exactly that, but no more. It has some sprinklers and a rock back wall but it has nothing in the front to keep the grass from overtaking it. We still have a few tulips and daffodils that bravely come up in the spring, but there are fewer each year. It's mostly grass now. I want to raise the bed a tad, put in a rock front or curbing and plant colorful annuals in there.

The Mail/Flowers area is all gross weeds. All the neighborhood dogs think it's "their" territory. Double ugh. I'd like to either put in annuals or a thick layer of bark so the animals will stay out of the dirt.

The Porch to the left of the small concrete porch/sidewalk area is falling apart. Seriously, it's a safety hazard. It's wood, splintering, and rotted in the center area. It needs to be taken down and completely rebuilt. Also, the cats crawl under there and use it as their litter box. Ugh! I'd love to go vinyl with that, or something that will last a little better than wood.

The fence on the right side is wood and in need of major repair. I'd love to go vinyl. We'll see.

Other repairs muchly needed are screens on the windows (or maybe new energy efficient windows). One of the cats thinks screens are intended as claw sharpeners. I'd also like some light along the sidewalk that leads to the door because it's really hard for me to see in the dark. I'd like a new front door with a peep hole and dead bolt and chain lock. (No, I am not paranoid, just practical.)

Oh, and a roof. Yes, we very much need a new roof before winter.

Have you seen pictures of the white-trash ghettos? No? Well, come take a peek in my backyard.

Actually, no don't. Just trust me when I say it is bad. I'm thinking about six trips to the dump. Maybe more.

The lawn needs to be leveled. It slopes down to the back right corner. The grass is in bad shape because we have three cats, a dog and a wild racoon that roam around back there. Plus, I really think all the neighborhood animals come to our house to party. I mean, really, there's no way our animals could poop THAT much.

We have a stretch of concrete that goes partway back. There's a shed there where DH keeps a lot of stuff. I never even go look in there. I'd like to extend that back to the fence and put in a second shed—one for smelly things like lawn mowers and snow blowers, etc. and one to store things like Christmas decorations and DH's drum set.

I'd also like to fix the two garden areas—the one along the back fence and the square foot grow box area in the back right. Right now they're used as a weed garden and cat box.

And I'd like to put in a little play area for the grandbabies—swing set, slide, playhouse or something.

Lastly, I'd like to put in a gate—our fence got knocked down when a tree fell on it a couple of years ago. We put the fence back up but not the gate. Oh, and a dog run so all the dog doo is contained in one area and not spread out all over the lawn.

I think that's the major portion of it. Ought to be, huh?

Note: Our tiny budget for repairs and fix-up won't cover everything, but I figure if I have a big picture in mind, I can do it a bit at a time. I'm guessing it will take a few years to do what I want, especially to the front and back yards.

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