Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shrinking Spaces

Today I measured the small bedroom upstairs—the one I'm turning into an office. Then I graphed it out on paper so I'd know the dimensions of the room. Did the same thing with various pieces of furniture. The idea behind this is it's a lot easier to move little pieces of paper around until I find a way for it to all fit, than to move the actual furniture.

I don't know what happened because it turned out all weird. Some of the furniture that I've had in that room before no longer fits. It's too big for the spot. So either the furniture grew or the room shrunk!

Whichever, I'm going to have to do it all over again because Baby Shrek drew all over my room map with markers (that I probably could have ignored) and then Baby Burrito spilled my Sobe all over it. I hung the map up in the shower to dry but I think it's hopeless. Oh well.

I also started sorting through the stuff that was in this room. In it's latest incarnation, it started as a music room for Megan's piano. Then I put my UB stuff in there. Then when grandbabies came along, I put their toys and a porta-crib in there. But around Christmas time, it sort of became a catch-all for junk.

Today's accomplishment: Sorted through about 1/3 of the junk in the room.

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