Thursday, July 02, 2009

SNORT/Pigs in Love THEME Song Winner!

The THEME song for our SNORT/Pigs in Love CD is:

Everything by Michael Bublé

Which is one I added at the last minute because it's one of my favs and I couldn't believe I'd forgotten to put it on the list.

But I can't give myself a prize. Duh.

So. . .

Theme Song runner-up is:
I'll Be by Edwin McCain

suggested by:


Kandis wins the third copy of the Pigs in Love CD!

And the winner of the Vote for the Theme Song random drawing is:

Taffy, go HERE and pick your prize.

[I'm late for work. Remaining prize winners in the SNORT contests posted later today.]

1 comment:

Taffy said...

Can't find your email...I pick prize #27!
THANKS Karlene! Fun and unusual contest!