Friday, July 03, 2009

Techno Geek I am not

Oh! I am soooo frustrated right now!

I'm trying to get all the SNORT prizes ready to go and I'm hung up on the Pigs in Love CD. I designed this loverly color label and my color printer was out of ink. Of course, it was!

So I go down to Office Max and trade my right arm for new ink cartridges (have to have TWO—black and color—for my printer). I come home and install them.

And blam! The printer explodes.

Well, not really. But it won't work. The cartridges slam from one side of the carrier to the other with g-force velocity. And it won't print.

So I think, okay. DH can probably fix this as soon as he gets home from running errands today. I'll just get the CDs ready and burned.

Uhmmm, well, I can't figure out how to do that. I'd planned to buy the songs from iTunes and burn them to a CD so it's all perfectly legal. And.




Now playing on my iPod: Ha! Did you really think my iPod was working?

Update—6.26 p.m.
Thanks to my dear friend SANDRA, I have purchased the music and burned the Pigs in Love CDs. (What would I do without her?!?)

I still haven't fixed the stupid printer problem. DH did "fix" it but the new ink is just as light as the older stuff. So now I'm thinking I gave up an arm for nothing and it's not the ink, but the way my Mac talks to my printer.

And my new Virtual PC won't recognize the color printer. Again. Ahrrrgh!

Now playing on my iPod: the Pigs In Love CD!


Jeri said...

don't look at me. I wear a big ole' "Techno-impaired" sign right inthe middle of my forehead. did you somehow miss that???

Sandra said...

I'm goint to call you right now.

Sandra said...

Go to iTunes,
click on File
create a new playlist
go back to Music in your itunes library
drag and drop the songs from your library into your new playlist
insert blank cd
on the bottom right hand side of your screen you should see the word burn, click it to burn the cd
if you don't see burn, then right click on the name of your new playlist and you should get burn cd as an option, click that.
Take cd out and apply cool, loverly labels that you created and printed on your color printer. (wish I know how to help you with your printer.)

wv= sarkh- the sound Karlene makes when her technology is not working the way she wants it to ;)

Karlene said...

Thanks Sandra. I was taking a nap when you called. It worked perfectly. :)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Sandra is way cool. :)

Sandra said...

Just wondering if I should tell everyone that the only reason I know how to do this step by step because I had just asked Jessica how to do it.

Jess said...

Ha ha Thanks for the credit mom. :)