Saturday, August 01, 2009

CustomScents Production Area

Completely inspired by my hard-working girls, I went through all the boxes they'd labeled UB—this is all the stuff I use to make my CustomScentsOnline fragrances. This is now my new CSO production area.
This is a pretty desk and hutch office set, but it won't fit in the room upstairs, so I kept it down here. I think it will work really well.

And yes, I painted the walls bright apple green on purpose about two years ago. I was depressed about my business closing and hated to work down here. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought the happiest color paint I could find. I like it.

Up on top is some extra product—oil warmers, puff sponges and extra oils.

On the middle shelf are "Smell Me" cards that go out with every order, my label maker, and a few momentos.

On the desktop to the left are all the oils I use to mix the various fragrances. To the right is a file box of product labels. The calculator is for helping me figure the recipes correctly.

In the left side cabinet:

This holds everything I need to make the Twilight Sampler Packages:
  • latex gloves (to protect my cute new fake nails)

  • tape

  • recipe binder

  • parfum sampler vials

  • parfum bottles—1 for each of the 20 frangraces

  • droppers for filling the vials

  • baggies to put the samplers in

  • info cards in the sampler kits
I already had the cute little boxes and dropper bricks but now they're all in one easy-to-reach spot for me.

In the right side cabinet:

  • Some extra travel size bottles that I use sometimes as gifts

  • Some discontinued oils that I use for personal recipes

  • Everything I need to create parfum samplers for non-Twilight fragrances (I don't sell a lot of these, but enough that I need them nearby)

  • Customer recipes (for when a customer calls in an order for refills)

And then the middle shelf:

All my unscented product, plus some Scent of the Month bottles that I still have for sale.

I am so pleased with this area. It will make it so much easier for me to create the custom scents and get them out in a timely manner! I love this little corner.

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