Saturday, August 01, 2009

Doing Some Homework

My girls are amazing! They came over today and helped sort through junk.

And when I say "helped," I really mean I gave them some instructions and then took off to play with my sister while they did all the heavy labor.

I was so amazed when I got home! They really rocked it!! They spent 7 hours going through boxes and piles of stuff—trashing some things, donating some, putting others in boxes for me to sort through. What's still there now feels do-able for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are my angels.

And I was so inspired by their hard work that I jumped right in and started on some of the "homework" they gave me—stuff I need to do before they come over again in two weeks for more slave labor.

My first homework assignment was clearing off all the stuff stacked on top of my filing cabinets downstairs. Which I did. I wish I had a before photo, but I forgot to take one. But imagine 4 distinct piles, about 8 to 10" tall. Yep. It was a mess.

Here they are now—nice and empty.

And I didn't just move the piles to another spot. No, no, no!

I went through them.

Most were business-related papers. Some things were shredded, others just thrown in the trash as is. Some things got put away in a new permanent home. Other things need to have a home made for them, so I sorted those into two boxes—one for 2009 stuff that needs to be filed up in my new office, and the other for pre-2009 that needs to be sorted by year and put in the appropriate tax record boxes.

Ah, what a feeling of accomplishment!

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