Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hall Closet #2

No, you didn't miss hall closet #1. I haven't done it yet. Hall closet #2 was bugging me more than #1.

While I should probably be working on the downstairs office/production area because I need to use that space soon, today was Grandma Day. Working down there with four little helping hands is just not a good idea.

So the first project I did today was tackle the hall closet that is sort of a linen closet. This is one of the areas that I had organized before using Julie's system. But when you have teenagers who don't give a hoot about Julie's system, it quickly turns into a mish-mash of hair products, lotions, jewelry, and camping supplies.

And okay, I'm just as bad as they were and shoved miscellaneous cleaning supplies in there too.

Here are the before photos. Because the hallway is only three feet wide, I couldn't get it all in one shot. Here are the four shelves. Then there's a space on the floor that has old towels shoved in there.

Notice that little hand? And how easy it would be for it to reach over to get those cleaning supplies?

Yeh, I noticed that too.

So the plan for this closet is to make it a Personal Toiletry closet. First, I cleared out everything and wiped it down. (I'll need to do this again when we paint, but this will do for now.)

I sorted through all the junk and only put back those things that DH and I will use. I also baby-proofed it, putting anything that could hurt children up out of their reach.

Here are the after photos.

Notice the cleaners up on the TOP shelf? The next shelf (which the babies can't reach) is my personal stuff—hair product, toiletries, sewing kit, jewelry.

Shelf 3 is nicely containerized—soaps, toothbrushes, cotton balls, q-tips. If the babies get into this, they could make a mess, but it won't hurt them.

Shelf 4—our neatly folded beach towels and the ones I use when I dye my hair. The space below where they used to be on the floor now holds our extra toilet paper.

Taken out of the closet: one large garbage bag of junk and four shoe box size containers of toiletries that my girls used. Plus about 14 toothbrushes that our dentist gives us, but I don't like the size. They're going to a neighbor boy's Eagle project.

I could just sit and look at this closet for hours! (sigh)

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Sandra said...

I did that to my hall closet in June. I can't believe the stuff I hauled out of there.

Today I did some more in the sewing/craft/shove everything I don't know what to do with room. I have quit justifying why I have all this crap and garbage in my house and am just hauling it all out.

The garbage man has earned his pay at my house this summer!