Monday, August 31, 2009

If I ever say the words YARD SALE again. . .

. . . somebody slap me, HARD!

See, here's the thing. I love Yard Sales. I come from a long line of yard salers, going back generations. I love going to Yard Sales. I used to love having Yard Sales. And in the past, they've been really successful. I've made over $500 more than once in my yard sale-ing career. So it's going to be really hard to resist having one in the future.

But apparently, Yard Sales are a younger woman's game because this one absolutely did me in.

First, there was the emotional part of it. I ended up sending over 600 books out the door. That was really, really hard and part of me is now regretting it. Logically, I know it was a good move and that I'll probably never open that used bookstore I dream about at night.

But emotionally? It was like saying goodbye to friends who are moving to the other side of the world and I may never see them again.

Then there's the physical part of it. I'm not very strong. My arm muscles are like spaghetti. Sometimes my leg muscles can barely get me up the steps, and if I'm carrying anything (like boxes of books), they just won't lift us both.

I spent four days sorting books, deciding what to keep and what to let go, then carting them up from downstairs. I pulled stuff out of my garage and sorted through it. (Clean Sweep has nuthin' on me!) My girls came to help on Saturday and I couldn't have done it without them because by then, I was hurting bad.

After the sale, we hauled everything to D.I.—two truck loads.

Sunday morning, I woke up sick and sad. Sick from dust allergies, and sad because I have an overactive mind/body connection and when I stress my body, I get depressed. I yelled at my DH several times, and then around 9:00 p.m., I had a total meltdown—sobbing uncontrollably over something really stupid.

I'm better today. Better—in that I probably won't yell or cry. But I'm still depressed.

So, now you're wondering, was it worth it? From a purely monetary standpoint, no. After expenses (hiring neighbor boys to help, signage, etc.), I only cleared about $100.

But, after I get undepressed again, it will totally have been worth the effort of dejunking. In the past month (including what is going to the dump later today), I figure I've moved about 10 pick-up trucks of stuff I no longer need or want out of my home.

I'm not proud that it was in there in the first place, but I'm dang proud it's gone!

And as soon as I get my energy level back, I'm determined to continue on until I'm pared down to only the things I use and love.


Nichole Giles said...

I have sympathy for you, I promise. But thanks for being so willing to share your books with the rest of us. I promise to take care of them and give them a good home on a shelf where they'll be read often by many.

And FYI, you've inspired me to do a bit of de-junking myself. I probably won't be brave enough for a garage sale, but the cleaning and clearing out part I'm going to have to do.

Feel happier soon!


Sandra said...

I know it was hard for you, but good job. And your garage looked really great on Sat.

You really are stronger than you think.

Jeri said...

I wanted so much to come over and buy some books - I LOVE books - but 1) I was busy busy busy and saturday, 2) I'd have to buy a new bookself to keep them on - sine mine are all full (stacked double deep- so I can't even see 1/2 of them...) and 3) my husband would probably shoot me if i brought MORE books into the house.

I'm proud of you! You are inspiring. Hope you feel inspirational (or at least not miserable) again soon.

Suan said...

you go girl :)

Cindy Beck said...

Look at it this way ... those who bought your books will probably love them as much as you do. And with all this extra space you'll now have, you can have more UB fragrances!

Hope you feel better soon!

Kenna said...

It's closer than you probably think!!!

Jen said...

I have a really really really hard time getting rid of books too. Yard neighborhood does group yard sales, and they are a bust. However much crud I get rid of, the kids manage to find an equal amount elsewhere and bring it home. I've started just donating it all and taking the tax deduction.

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Wow, you have my admiration. It is soooo hard to part with books. I totally understand. What courage to get rid of them!

Brillig said...

Oh. Goodness. It sounds so hard. Yikes.

I hope you feel better soon and then enjoy the junklessness of your home.

Tristi said...

I'm sorry you feel sad and tired ... but you'll most likely be so glad you did it, a little ways down the road.