Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Peter Walsh

I started reading Peter Walsh's book, It's All Too Much—which I purchased on my Kindle so it does not add to the clutter already in my home.

While I like Julie Morgenstern's writing style a little better and her tips for organizing are clearer to my brain, I very much like Peter's treatment of the emotional side of cluttering.

He recommends making several passes through, rather than one huge dejunk. I like that idea because you can see an immediate improvement which will help bolster you through the rough emotional decisions.

Between the two books, I should have an amazing life when this is all done.

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Duessa said...

You WILL have an amazing life! Well, as bold as that statement sounds, it's true. If you can clear out your emotional clutter (which, as Peter says, is always the clutter that builds up first before the physical clutter) then how could you NOT live a happier life? [Love the blog, by the way. I, myself, am a huge list-maker, as I see to the right, you are too.]