Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ready for the Big Move!

Nine days since I've posted about a project or progress (not counting the report on how well the new perfume production area is working).

I feel like I haven't done much, yet I've been very busy. On Thursday, Aug 6th, I had a convention during the day (only brought home two books). Then I tended my grandson until Monday, Aug 10th. No way I could do much cleaning or organizing, or even planning while he was here. Then I had to work on Tuesday, it was Grandma Day on Wednesday, and now, today. . .

I've been working like crazy! Tomorrow, my new UB business is moving into my downstairs, so I had to get a lot of homework done to be ready for it.

I went through the small bedroom downstairs (sorry, once again forgot the "before" photos) and it is now totally empty.
There were loads of boxes of stuff in there, and drum set, and a dog kennel. All moved out. I sorted through the boxes and threw out two bags of trash. I have two big boxes to donate. And I have a TV, computer monitor, file cabinet and other miscellaneous to sell. Ah!

Tomorrow, this will become the room where I fill and label bottles. If I had the energy—and one more day—I'd paint the walls white to brighten the room a bit. But I don't have either, so it is what it is for now.

Then, I went through the left side of the big room downstairs, the part that isn't being used for my perfume production. Almost everything is cleared out of there, as well, except for some things that are too heavy for me to move. Have to wait for hubby to get home to do it.

This room will be where I store product and fill orders.

Last, I went through the shipping area. It needs a lot more work, but it will do for now.

I'm tired. I have a mildew/dust headache. Now I'm off to treat myself to a chocolate, sugar-free frozen yogurt! Then I'm resting up for the big business move-in day tomorrow.

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