Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Pigs

Okay, not so much a tale, as two different pigs from my collection get referenced here. Yes, I have a pig collection. I love pigs.

I also know that at some point, near the end of this process, I will be cutting down the size of my current menagerie.

But I can't think about that right now or I'll get sad, and these are two happy stories. So.

Little Pig #1:
I have a little pig planter that I use for a key jar because 1) I kill indoor plants, and 2) I needed a place to keep my keys where I could always find them. This little pig worked fabulously for several years. I had a spare set at the bottom, then Meg's spare set, then mine and Meg's main key sets would vie for top position in the pig.

Point being, my keys were always near the top and easy to grab.

Then Megan got married and moved out, taking her keys with her. Now there are only my main keys and my spare set in the pig. (Do you see where this is going yet? Let me give you one more clue.)

My spare set of car keys does not have a house key on it!

Yes, this morning, I grabbed my keys from the pig and ran off to work. Did some shopping on the way home—which included frozen and refrigerated items. Pulled into my drive, where I then noticed, I had the spare and no way to get into the house—unless I wanted to climb in the kitchen window, which I not only did NOT want to do, but is also physically impossible for me.

Spent an hour at Sandra's until Melanie could come let me in with her key.

Solution: My spare set of keys is now in a different place. The only keys in my cute pig are my main set.

Not-So-Little Pig #2:
My sister gave me this ginormous piggy bank. This was AFTER I'd decided I was going to dejunk and not bring anything new into my house. But it was so cute!

It lived in a box of stuff for several weeks because I knew that with my commitment to living a more streamlined life—and I really am totally committed to this—I could not bring this pig into my life without one dang good reason.

When I was cleaning out the room for my new office, I stumbled upon the pig and it's total cuteness again, and it melted my heart. But still. I was committed.

Also as I was cleaning out the room, I found about $3.00 in change in various boxes. (Don't ask me why money gets found in nearly every box I go through. I think I have money elves.) My first thought was: Yum! I can go get a frozen yogurt!

My next thought was, I should collect all this money together and use it to help pay for the changes I want to make in my home. So I put it in a stack with the $60 I'd made selling two dressers.

(You know where this is going, right?)

Suddenly, the lightbulb went off! Money—mostly change—that I needed a special place for PLUS cute pig I wanted to keep. Marriage made in heaven! I now have over $100* in my pig and it makes me incredibly happy every time I look at it.

*Dear thief, who is now planning to come rob me because I told the entire Internet that I have cash in my house: 1) You'd never figure out which pig it's in (yes, I have THAT MANY), and 2) My kitchen window is not that easy to climb into, 3) My killer dog will bite you, and 4) I'm sure my neighbors have much more cash lying around in their house.

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