Friday, September 11, 2009

Compute This!

I'm not sure I need to add commentary to this image. I think it's plenty self-explanatory, especially given my absence here on the blog this week.

Except I really need to lament.

And bemoan.

And bewail.

I am a Mac. Have been since 1990-ish. Always will be. I have no intention of becoming a PC. But I've been forced to own/use a PC because some things just work better on a them (like QuickBooks).

I had this old PC laptop that moved at the pace of frozen molasses. Drove. Me. Nuts.

So back in June, my computer-genius dad set up a virtual PC on my Mac. To run QuickBooks.

Problem is, it wouldn't let me print.

Second problem is, it kept crashing my Mac.

And it ran as slow as slightly thawed molasses.

So I bit really hard on that proverbial bullet and got a cute green Dell on a back-to-school special. It's so cute. It plays Spider Solitaire and Mahjong—my two favorite time wasters.

It also runs QuickBooks.

And it's cute. (Did I mention that?)

Next problem, how to get my QB files from my virtual PC—which suddenly decided it didn't want to read a jump drive—to the new PC. It took an ENTIRE DAY! (Won't even go into those details.)

Then, I decided it was time to chew another bullet because my cell phone has been dropped on its head too many times and is cranky. I've been thinking about this a long time (almost a year). I want to combine some of my toys—iPod, Palm, Phone. I bought Meg's old iPod touch (which also plays Mahjong) thinking I could combine it and the Palm or another planner system.

Nope. I don't like the way it works for info management and I couldn't find a planning software that fit my needs. But it's still good for playing music, which I mostly only use in my office. So that's okay. Not a wasted expense, especially since my old iPod is broken and also because it was a good excuse to give my kid some much needed cash-ola.

Next plan of action was to see if I could find a way to combine the Palm and the cell phone. After lots of research—and an entire day spent schlepping around town trying to figure it all out—I decided on the Centro. (My sister has one and I've coveted it for months.)

I got a great deal on eBay. (I wanted the red one, but wasn't willing to pay an extra $60! Can you believe that?!? So I got the black one.)

(But I can get a red cover for $4.)

(ha! Showed them.)

(And the Centro WILL work with T-Mobile if you get the right kind. Look for Unlocked for AT&T/T-Mobile AND GSM.)

I was so excited when my Centro arrived yesterday. I loaded the software on the PC, went to sync up and. . . WHAT?!? My new PC uses Vista 64-bit which won't work with the Palm USB sync cable. But it MIGHT work with a BlueTooth thingee.

Okay, no problem. I'll sync it on my Mac. . . Wait! That doesn't work either!?

(As Brillig would say, "DOUBLE YOO TEE EFF??!")

At this point, I'm ready to throw all my techie toys out the window and move to Hawaii to weave baskets out of palm leaves for a living.

But, possibly good news (I'm not holding my breath), my sister has a Bluetooth thingee that she's going to loan me to see if that will work.

Please, if you have any extra credits with the techno gods, throw them my way.

Now playing on my iPod: Tainted Love
(I couldn't find the version I like, but this one will do—especially if you're a Twilight fan.)


Annette Lyon said...

So sorry about your computer troubles! (I love that Garfield bit--we've all been there.)

Totally random comment here, but I just had to point this out: having recently watched Galaxy quest, it was completely wild to realize that the geeky kid who thinks it's all real and helps Tim Allen's character through the ship at the end? That's MAC from all the new commercials! It's a much younger version, but it's HIM!

Sandra said...

So if you move to Hawaii:
1. I will have to go with you because you will need my boys to help
2. I do actually come VT sometimes, and I promise I would come even more
3. Someone is going to have to keep track of your palm leaves and I could do it for you so you won't have to be bothered with that.
4. I'll think of something

Suan said...

i wanna throw away all my tech toys and weave baskets in hawaii.
can i come pleeeeeeeeeeeease.
pleeeeeeeeeeeease take me with you

Suan said...

i want a lap top in the cute green color....that's my favorite fair...i am jealous...when i come to your house and visit and when i leave and you find you lap top is missing
i didn't take it...nope i wouldn't do that

Josi said...

Yeah, the airport on my Mac is fritzing, it just doesn't pick up a signal for long. I have about 10 minutes each time I turn it on. And how do I fix it? You tell me. I hate tech stuff. I hope the phone lives up to its potential.

Jennifer said...

I have had my Centro for about two years and love it. Recently I got a laptop with Vista and now I can't sync my Centro, very frustrating. I am still syncing (sp) it with my old computer as we have kept it for the kids use, but it is a pain. A worker at Radio Shack said that when Windows 7 is released in October I should be able to sync with the USB cable. I sure hope so as I use lots of Palm programs that will not work with the Pre. BTW I have a red phone and wanted the black one but when Sprint replaced mine after it broke that was all they had in the store and I didn't want to wait three days for a black one.

Jennifer said...

Did you ever get your Centro to sinc. I purchased a bluetooth adapter at Best Buy and was able to get mine to sinc. Happy again.