Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bumblebee Transformer Costume Idea

Halloween is approaching. Haven't decided what I'm going to be this year. I need something that screams, "This woman is NOT about to turn 50!" Any ideas?

So, Baby Shrek wants to be Bumblebee, the Transformer. Trouble is, they don't make this costume in size 2 T.

(And no, his parents didn't let him watch the whole movie—just a couple of scenes. Plus he's a car fanatic so he totally grooves on the whole Transformer thing.)

Since Halloween was always a big deal for me when my kids were little—(Okay, who are we kidding? It was a big deal for ME, and I forced my kids to dress up and have fun whether they wanted to or not.)—I went all out on the costumes. But rarely could I afford store bought ones. So I had to get creative. And let me tell you, you can be so creative with a basic colored sweat suit.

If my child wanted to be Bumblebee for Halloween, and I were still into sewing, I'd buy a yellow and a black sweat suit. Pre-wash/shrink them. Then I'd cut them up and piece them back together in a pattern similar to the photo above. I wouldn't do all the detailing, but put the wider black pieces onto the yellow sweats.

If I wasn't into sewing, I'd buy the yellow sweatsuit and use black duct tape or electrical tape to make the black parts.

Then I'd find that red chest patch somewhere on the Internet or I'd find a Transformer logo image in a large dpi (like here or here) and print it onto an iron-on label (you can get them at office supply stores). Trim it and iron it on.

Then complete the outfit with a yellow beanie and black tennis shoes.

If you sew the outfit (as opposed to using the tape), you've got really cool winter pajamas after Halloween.

P.S.—If you can't find a yellow sweatsuit or beanie, buy white ones and dye them.

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Kenna said...

Oh grandma, thanks for taking the time to think it through! I have such fond memories of my sweatsuit halloween costumes growing up! I love your idea except another thing I remember about that time of sweatsuit costumes it that you were at least 75% a stay at home mom, so you had time to go to the craft store while we were at school, or before school, haul us to the craft store with you, and let us sit in the back of the shopping cart instead of the child seat in the front, because it's soooo much cooler to sit in the back and eat fruit snacks to keep us entertained.

I'm all about the packaged, commercial costumes in this stage of my life, even if they're 3X's as expensive, and even if he ends up having to be a stupid, boring pumpkin.

But next year? He'll be a 4T transformer :)

Sandra said...

I still have a dress up box full of sweat suit halloween costumes that I made for my kids. And a plus is that they are so much warmer than the flimsy store bought ones.

But McKenna has a point, now that I am no longer a stay at home mom, Brandi now gets the store bought ones.

M. Gray said...

Ah, my four-year-old is totally into transformers. But last year we were all Star Wars characters (my husband sewed all the costumes)! We had Padme, the Emperor, and Ewok, and Obi Wan.

This year my two year old is going to be a lion. My husband thinks I should be a lion tamer. ;)

Nichole Giles said...

Does this mean grandma will be making the costume for baby Shrek? =) Sounds way cute. Almost makes me wish my kids were that young again. Almost.

On a funny note, my eleven-year-old daughter informs me she intends to be Elvis for Halloween. Got any great ideas?


Realtor Toronto said...

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