Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. I love dressing up—as you can see here and here. I used to go all out when my kids were little. We'd all dress up, make special treats and then go visit cousins and friends. Then we'd hit the neighborhood, often being the last ones out. Fun times, for sure.

As a result of all the years I spent making elaborate costumes and decorating the house and the yard and taking my children trick-or-treating in all kinds of weather, ALL of my children have grown up to love Halloween as well. They just can't wait to dress up and show off their clever costumes.


I do not understand how some of my children—children birthed by me in long hard hours of labor—do not love Halloween as much as I do. Must be a throwback to some recessive Halloween-hating gene.

Some of them do make a token effort to participate in the joy of the season . . .

This was McKenna's costume—a demon hand that eats and then regurgitates Hot Wheels cars. Baby Shrek thinks it's hilarious.

Oh well.

The highlight of the evening was when I got tricksy-treated by my grandbabies. Baby Shrek, who was going to be Bumblebee the Transformer, had a wardrobe malfunction. So he came as a lion.

Have you ever, ever in your life seen a cuter lion? I think not.

And here—a close-up on that sweet little face.

And here he is stealing more candy. He filled his bucket, then threw a fit when his mom put most of it back.

Baby Burrito was supposed to be a pirate. Aunt Suan sent him the cutest pirate costume.

As you can see, Baby Burrito had ideas of his own. Here he is as a cute little appendage growing out of his dad's side. That's where he stayed most of the time. He didn't care for all the costumes.

And since he refused to put on his pirate costume, Momma wore it.

Doesn't she look awesome?

Daddy is dressed as a Party Pooper. I think he got that one just right. (Love you, Kris.)

Christopher did me proud this year—dressing up with gusto and enthusiasm.

And here I am in all my glory.

I love my teeth. A lady at Wal-Mart thought they were real! But I have to admit that by the time this photo was taken, I was starting to wilt.

Here is Sandra...

...and Brandi.

They were my only trick-or-treaters of the night. (I hate Trunk or Treat.)

And now another Halloween is done. I have 364 more days to plan next year's costume . . .

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Sandra said...

I am thinking I need to save up to get Brandi some extensions. She looked a bit bald when she took the wig off.

And the pictures do not do you and Chris justice. You both looked way more awesome in person.

Laura said...

Karlene, sometimes I think it impossible that we have never met. I feel like I've known you forever! You are so clever and witty and fun... Oh, and I just LOVE this post! YOU have the CUTEST grand babies ever!! EVER!!!


Erika said...

What fun costumes! I think Chris's is my favorite!

Erika said...

...oh and YOURS! My goodness! I guess I'm not surprised you went all out. I remember you visiting our house each year all dressed up and bringing us those popcorn hands! Good memories!

Tristi said...

Very cute indeed, all of you!