Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just in Time for Nano: The Complete Novel Plotting Workbook

Winner: Stephanie Humphreys!

I got a copy of The Complete Novel Plotting Workbook compiled by Weston Elliott some time ago. I did a swap-around trade with her and another party*, in exchange for two copies, actually. One for me to use and one for me to give away.

I fully intended to give it a review when I first got it but... well... whatever. Anyway, I'm reviewing it now.

It's awesome! I've started using it to plot out my YA novel that I'll be working on for NaNoWriMo and Weston's workbook has been such a huge help!

I've tried other workbooks a little like this, but here is why I think Weston's book is superior:
  • It's 5.5x8.5" so it fits easily into my purse.
  • It is held together with three locking rings—which means if I need to rearrange pages after getting started (like moving chapters around) I can easily do that.
  • It has sections for World Building (especially good for fantasy and sci-fi), Character Info, Plot and Conflict, and Chapter Outlines.
  • Price—at only $9.95, I can get one for every book. (I could make one myself for this price, but why go to all that trouble?)
  • It comes in lots of different colors—I kept the Olive Green for me; I'm giving away a Rustic Brown copy to one of my lucky blog readers (could be you).

So here's what you have to do to enter to win:
  1. Sign up to participate in NaNoWriMo with me and be my writing buddy.
  2. Come back here and post in the comments section what your NaNoWriMo user name is.

I'll randomly select a winner on Saturday, October 31st and announce the winner here on my blog.

*This means that while I did not pay money for the book, I did work for Party A, who paid me with Valuable Item B, which I then traded to Weston for two copies of her book. There, FTC!

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Stephanie Humphreys said...

I signed up against me better judgement. I think you already added me to your frined list.My nanowrimo name is jessemma4