Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Birthday Bash: The Sweet Smell of a New Idea

I know I'm late posting this but really, I have a good excuse:
  1. I had to mix and ship a bunch of CustomScentsOnline.com orders.

  2. I had to go shopping for the family Christmas party on Sunday.

  3. I had to get stuff ready ahead of time because DH is having his back surgery on Thursday.

  4. I'm old and it takes me longer to do stuff.

Speaking of CustomScentsOnline.com. . .

One of my favorite things to do is to start new businesses. I had my first idea for a product in high school. I hated applying suntan lotion because I don't like to get my hands all goopey and sticky. I designed a lotion/oil applicator (patent-pending) that I thought would work wonderfully. I still think it's a good idea but it never got off the paper.

That idea was quickly followed by the ever-popular Ear Mitts (patent-pending), which I designed my first year in college. The concept—keep you ears warm in cold weather without messing up your hair. I made several sets and used them all winter. My ears were toasty warm and I never had hat hair, but for some reason it didn't catch on like I thought it would.

Since then, I've always had an idea or ten floating around in my brain at any given time. I've done so many different business ventures over my lifetime—and while they've not all been successful, they've all been an absolute blast! I love coming up with new ideas, new products, thinking up marketing and promo plans. It's fun.

It's so much fun, in fact, that when I can't sleep, I write business plans. I have a whole file drawer full of them.


One of my fav entrepreneurial things to do is find a trend and create a product for it. Ergo, my ultra fascination with all things Twilight—and the birth of CustomScentsOnline.com.

CSO is sponsoring the prize for my Birthday Bash today.

Today's Prize:
Your choice of either a
1 Dram Sampler bottle

of your favorite
Twilight-inspired fragrance


a Twilight 10 Sampler Pack
with your choice of 10
of the Twilight-inspired fragrances

(approx. 1-2 applications per sampler vial)

To enter to win:
  • Go to CustomScentsOnline and read about the 21 different Twilight-inspired fragrances.

  • Come back here and leave a comment any time before midnight on Saturday, December 5, 2009, telling me which Twilight-inspired fragrance sounds yummiest to you and why.

  • For additional entries help spread the word about my Birthday Bash via your blog, Twitter, Facebook or other social network, or e-mail. Leave a comment telling me what you did. (1 extra entry per action).

Now playing on my iPod: New Moon (The Meadow) by Alexandre Desplat
(Beautiful piano piece)


Anonymous said...

I like bellas new moon because its just the best i already know what it smells like. and nessie is pretty good too.

~~Mia~~ said...

OH I just came from there and was drooling over VAMPIRE VENOM....not even just how it smells (or sounds like it smells) but also how you described it!! OY YOY...YUMMY! hhahaha