Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Burrito Needs Presents Contest!

We're winding down. This is the next to last contest for the Luau Lovin' Extravaganza. Tomorrow I announce the top 10 songs on the playlist (Go VOTE before midnight tonight.) and then we vote on the theme song and we're done.

Kind of sad. But, oh well.

Honeymoons are for the bride and groom. Period.

That means Baby Burrito is being taken care of by his three loving grandmas who are very politely sharing his time with each other, even though we all wanted him ALL THE TIME!


Baby Burrito is doing pretty good. Nana Whitney reported this on Facebook yesterday:
Heard outside his door, while checking to see if he was still asleep..."I waked up at Nana's house! Uh, I did! A,B,C,D sing wif me!"

Of course, he misses Mommy and Daddy and needs extra cuddles at night, but he's having fun getting totally spoiled.

Today's contest:
What should Mom & Dad bring back
as a souvenir for Baby Burrito?

Prize: Your choice of any of the remaining prizes HERE.

Details for this contest:
  • Post your answers in the comments by midnight, Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

  • Winner will be the one with the best idea or randomly chosen if I can't decide.

  • To win the prize you must live in or have a ship to address in the U.S. or Canada. (If you live out of the country, you're welcome to have me send it to someone stateside as a gift from you.)

Now playing on my iPod: Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker


Anonymous said...

i saw they should bring back a coconut bra & grass skirt. he would have fun with that.

Suan said...

sea shells and sand... and of course what he will love the mostest...themselves!

Nichole Giles said...

A Lava-Lava or a bamboo curtain. And I think Grandma deserves chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Just sayin.

My daughter got a bamboo curtain from Hawaii in January. It's a great alarm system. Every time someone goes in or out of her room, we hear it. Plus, it's so cute.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Because he's so little, I think they should bring him back a stuffed animal.