Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chasing Twilight Playlist Contest (Round 1)

We have to have a play list for our virtual road trip.

Have. To.

This contest is a little different than the other contests, as it will go all month long.

Also, it will not earn you points or get you into the Daily Prize or Grand Prize drawings.

However, by participating, you WILL be entered into a drawing for a Chasing Twilight CD.

I've created a Chasing Twilight playlist. You can see it at the bottom of this post or at the very bottom center of my blog. I've got one song on it—Total Eclipse of the Heart—just to get it started. But we need more songs.

We want songs that make you think of the Twilight Saga. All types of music are okay. BUT they CANNOT be songs that are:
We want new stuff. Other than that, anything goes.

Details for Round 1:
  • Post song suggestions in the comments section by midnight on June 15th.

  • Please include the song title AND the performer's name.

  • You can post as many songs as you want in the same comment.

  • Everyone who suggests a song gets entered into a drawing for a copy of the Chasing Twilight CD. One entry per song.

  • We'll add every suggested song to the playlist below (assuming we can find them on

  • On June 16th, we'll post a list of all suggested songs, with a link to vote for your favorites. The 10 songs with the most votes will move on to Round 2.

Details for Round 2:
  • If your song makes the cut to Round 2, you'll be entered into a drawing for a copy of the Chasing Twilight CD.

  • Somewhere around June 25th, we'll start the voting for the Theme Song from the top 10 songs.

Details for Round 3:
  • At the end of the Chasing Twilight Contest, we'll announce the Theme Song—the song that got the most votes.

  • If your song is chosen as our Chasing Twilight Theme Song, you'll win a copy of the Chasing Twilight CD.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to ever increasing shipping costs, to win the prize you must live in or have a ship to address in the U.S. (If you live out of the country, you're welcome to have me send it to someone stateside as a gift from you.)

Now playing on my iPod: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

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Suan said...

ohhh... i have a great would be played when someone is running away in the movie....don't want to spoil it for anyone because i can't remember which book it is in.....
I ran (so far away)
by a flock of seagulls

Taffy said...

100 Years by Five For Fighting
A Walk In The Forest by Brian Crain
Forever by Chris Brown

brendajean said...

Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer

When the Stars Go Blue by Tim McGraw

Two Princess by Spin Doctors

Here comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts

Suan said...

Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory

Me and the Moon by Brian White

Total Eclipse by Bonnie Tyler

Twilight by Vanessa Carlton

Vampires Will Never Hurt You by My Chemical Romance

Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon

Suan said...

Forever by Fleetwood Mac

Forever Road by Darius Rucker

Forever May You Run by Gavin Rossdale

Taste of Blood by Mazzy Star

Young Blood by Norah Jones

Blood is Thicker than Water by Black Label Society

Suan said...

I Run to You by Lady Antebellum

I Will Run to You by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty

Run to You by Brian Adams

Sparkle by Aaron Zigman & Alexandre Desplat

Glitter in the Air by Pink

Tru Love by Faith Evans

True Love's First Kiss by Harry Gregson Williams & John Powell

First Love by Adele

Love Song by 311

I Can See Clearly Now by Everlife

Karlene said...

Suan--some of your songs aren't on Playlist, but I added all the ones that were.

Anonymous said...

I havent had a chance to think of all that i want but i would like to say right now.
Run to you by lady antebellum
bad moon rising
could've been me by billy ray cyrus

Anonymous said...

oh ya and
what hurts the most by rascal flatts

Karlene said...

Can't find Could've Been Me on playlist. :(

meeyeehere said...

Blood Letting by Concrete Blonde

Anonymous said...

Oooh, awesome idea ! I have a bunch of songs, but a lot of people might hate them. Since I'm 14, I love the Disney stars and stuff...

That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber
When I Look at You by Miley Cyrus
Inseperable by the Jonas Brothers

I can't really think of any other songs, but I hope these help !


Taffy said...

Drat! I left five more songs somewhere! I thought I posted here but I guess it didn't save. I'll see if I can find them.

Anonymous said...

Free Fallin-John Mayer version
How to Save a Life-The Fray
Colors-Amos Lee