Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Chasing Twilight Sponsor Question: June 1

Today's Prize: Your Choice of Altared Plans or Heaven Scent

Today's Sponsor: Rebecca Talley

Sponsor Question:

What is unique about my youngest son?
(HINT: Watch the Extra C video on my blog.)

For three chances to win this prize:
  1. Visit Rebecca's site and correctly answer her question by midnight June 2.

  2. Answer today's Eclipse Trivia question.

  3. Answer today's Road Trip question.

To earn 2 points toward the Grand Prize:

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Talley lives in rural Colorado with her husband, eight of her ten kids, a dog, cats, a spoiled horse, a herd of goats, and a llama named Tina. She is the author of Grasshopper Pie (WindRiver 2003), Heaven Scent (Cedar Fort 2008), and Altared plans (Cedar Fort 2009). Her upcoming release is The Upside of Down from Cedar Fort in 2011.

Visit Rebecca at www.rebeccatalley.com or at http://rebeccatalleywrites.blogspot.com/


brendajean said...

He was born with an extra chromosome. Her video is beautiful and amazing.

Suan said...

i know what's so special about your son....the same thing that makes my daughter special.... Down Syndrome. loved the video :)

Taffy said...

He's special because he's extra cuddly!

Kristen Landon said...

He's special because he was born with Down Syndrome - that makes him one of the children God sent to earth to teach people how to love!