Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Extending Luau Lovin'

I was told in no uncertain terms yesterday by a very bossy woman that I needed to extend the Luau Lovin' Contest beyond this Saturday.

Specifically, I needed to extend Round 1 of the Luau Lovin' Playlist Contest because SHE hadn't had enough time to post any song suggestions.

So okay. Whatever. I'm up for a longer party.

I've extended Round 1 through midnight, Friday, May 14th.

(Now I have to go think of more games to play....)


Anonymous said...

everything i do, i do it for you by bryan adams and have you ever loved a women also by bryan adams. i know not summery, beachy, what have you songs but i love em and think they work. morgan.

Suan said...

i'm not bossy

Anonymous said...

She is bossy, just kidding! She is lucky she is you sister or it wouldnt have been extended im sure but im glad it was because that means the fun will last longer.