Thursday, May 13, 2010

The "I Need Disaster Stories Fast!" Contest

So, I colored my hair. Not usually a big deal. But they discontinued the color I've been using and I thought I'd picked a color that was close.


The color isn't too bad but in places it's just too brassy.

Today's Contest:
Tell me about a wedding disaster that happened to you
or that you personally witnessed.

That way, when my daughter sees my hair, I can say,
"Well, at least it wasn't...[insert your story here].

Prize: Your choice here.

Here are the details for this contest:
  • Post your suggestions in the comments by midnight, Friday, May 15, 2010.

  • The winner will be the one with the best wedding disaster story. (Keep it family friendly and funny. Nothing morbid.)

  • To win the prize you must live in or have a ship to address in the U.S. or Canada. (If you live out of the country, you're welcome to have me send it to someone stateside as a gift from you.)


Nichole Giles said...

Both my little sisters got married within two months of each other. This was six months after my brother, and three months after my mom. It was a wedding year for us.

The last wedding was my sister Jodi, who had big visions of what her bridesmaids would be wearing. We picked out a style, fabric, got fitted, and ordered the dresses with a large chunk of money down.

The seamstress assured us the dresses (six) would be finished in time.

They weren't. But the seamstress didn't bother to call us with the news until 8:00 the night before the wedding. Actually, I think we called her wondering where our dresses were as we freaked out. Anyway, the bride had a breakdown while my other sister and I sped to the nearest mall to see what we could find.

One of the shop owners was just unpacking a shipment of dresses that were the right color, but with no sleeves (which were sort of important for a temple wedding) so we found some jackets and scarves and bought a box of safety pins. We didn't have the new dresses in time for the temple ceremony, but did for the reception and pictures. Crisis averted. But just barely.

My other sister had a crisis with her location. She booked it three months in advance, and didn't find out there was a scheduling mishap until a month before. Rather than reschedule the wedding, a bunch of us got on the phone and rearranged everything to a new time and location--in a classy restaurant, that isn't usually a wedding center. And then we ordered NEW invitations.

That was not a fun year.

Sandra said...

My sister got married in Seattle. After the temple we changed at my aunt's house and went to the groom's grandmother's house for lunch. My mom had my sister's wedding dress and it was hanging safely at my aunt's house.

After lunch we went back to my aunt's house to change and get ready for the reception. The bride and groom were going to meet us at the reception where my sister was going to change into her wedding dress. She had on lime green slacks (it was 1981 afterall)

The problem happened when a drunk ran a stop sign and totalled our car a block from my aunt's house. by the time the police came and took the statement and arrested the guy that hit us and we made it to my aunt's house, the reception had started without us and my sister was still in her horrible lime green pants for the reception.

Everyone was fine, but the beginning of the reception pictures are not.

RaShelle said...

My husband and I were to be married in Vegas at the Little Church of the West. It's a quaint little chapel that's married such icons as Betty Grable and Henry James, Zsa Zsa Gabor and George Sanders and Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford.
As you know in Vegas, weddings happen every 10 minutes, even in such a historic place. Well that morning, my parents decided to take me out to breakfast. "A girl's got to eat," my dad said.
People from all over had flown into Vegas for this 10 minute wedding, mind you. A family friend, who was a Bishop at the time, agreed to perform the ceremony and everything had been prepared down to the wire.
I had a fantastic Caesar's Palace breakfast . . . and I was late. Thirty seconds longer and our wedding wouldn't have happened. The look on my not-quite-yet husband's face as I stepped out the van still haunts me to this day! =D

Anonymous said...

At my wedding, the hotel staff turned a spotlight on the cake to show it off better.

Little did we know it would get hot enough to melt the frosting off one side of the cake!!

We spun it around and took pictures with the good side showing. Luckily half the cake was enough to feed the crowd.


Anonymous said...

Oh, at at my sister Scarlett's wedding, the wind was so crazy, it kept blowing her dress over her head. In many of the pictures, I am hiding under the skirt of her dress to hold it down.

Anonymous said...

Now I know this sounds just like a movie you may have seen but I swear it is 100% true. Its not a wedding disaster but it did make things rough.

I just got married in April. I began planning in january my friend got engaged in january asked me when for sure i was getting married i told her april 17 so she begins to plan her wedding for APRIL 17. She continued with those plans until she realized nobody would be at her wedding so about a month before the wedding she changed it to the weekend before. Sadly we had a mutual bridesmaid who happened to be my MOH who was ready to kill everyone by the time the two were over.
However one less friend and one really stressed out MOH later. The wedding went quite well.

So no matter what happens it will work out just fine.
Which movie does this sound like?
lol (I used to really like that movie until it became the story of my life)
Now i really did feel bad about this but apparently at her wedding a couple hours before the wedding the dresses werent steamed the flowers werernt done and half the bridal party was way late. So my MOH spent those hours steaming dresses, making bouquets, doing hair/make-up and being happy for the bride although she didnt want to be there.