Thursday, May 20, 2010

Luau Lovin' Theme Song Contest!

Got busy with the grandbabies yesterday and never posted the final contest. Sorry about that.

Here it is.

Today's contest:
Pick the Luau Lovin' Theme Song!

Details for this contest:
  1. Listen to the songs on the playlist that you're unfamiliar with.

  2. GO HERE and vote for your favorite of the Top 10. You may vote for two.

  3. Come back here and post a comment telling me that you've taken the survey.

  4. Winner is the person who suggested the winning song.

Prize: A copy of the Luau Lovin' CD!

P.S. Baby Burrito & I have to go run some errands this morning. Will post the last several contest winners when he's taking his nap. :)


Suan said...

i voted !
it was really hard
i wanted to vote for them all

Anonymous said...

I voted, i agree it was hard. (even harder when you have someone looking over your shoulder and making comments about what ones you are picking.)