Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Pre Eclipse Contest Contest

No, I didn't just stutter.

Beginning June 1st and counting down to the release of the Eclipse movie on June 30th (and a little beyond because I don't get to see it until July 3rd), I'll be hosting an "Eclipse-inspired Virtual Road Trip to Forks, WA with Various Side Trips Extravaganza Contest" featuring:
  • an invigorating virtual road trip from Pleasant Grove, Utah to Forks, Washington

  • fascinating Eclipse trivia questions

  • lots of totally cool prizes from our ever-growing list of sponsors (see sidebar)

  • and other incredibly silly and fun stuff

But this post isn't part of that contest.

This post is the PRE-Contest.

The contest in which YOU help me come up with a name for the contest.

It needs to be catchy, fun, and possibly have something to do with Twilight/Eclipse and/or a road trip to Forks.

Leave your suggestions in the comments section by midnight on Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

If I use your suggestion, you will win a Parfum Spritzer in the Twilight-inspired Fragrance of your choice.


Suan said...

collective brainstorming with kandis and morgan---

total eclipse of the moon
total eclipse in forks
lunar eclipse in forks
enthralled in an eclipse
captivated by an eclipse
human eclipse @ forks
choose who @ the fork?

not crazy about any
hopefully we will come up with something better

RaShelle said...

Here's a couple:

Taffy said...

Eclipse Countdown Contest
Eclipse Road Tour
Sparkling Road Tour
Eclipse Sparkly Road Tour
My Sparkly Contest
All That Sparkles Eclipse Contest

elizabeth mueller said...

I know I am late, being the 29th and all, I'm sorry for not seeing your contest on time!
Here it goes anyway:

Dying to see Forks
Hot, cold--Eclipsing Forks

Okay, I better stop here before I hurt myself. Good luck, winners... :D