Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Chasing Twilight Sponsor Question: June 2

Today's Prize: Emmett's Gummi Bears
(big bag)

Today's Sponsor: Karlene/Inksplasher
(that's me)

Sponsor Question:
What do I wish I could find at the end of a rainbow?

For three chances to win this prize:
  1. Cruise around my site to find the answer. (HINT: It's in the Chasing Twilight section.) Correctly answer the question by midnight June 3.

  2. Answer today's Eclipse Trivia question.

  3. Answer today's Road Trip question.

To earn 2 points toward the Grand Prize:
  • Correctly answer the question question any time before July 3, 2010

About Karlene:

Easily bored, Karlene flits from one project to another—from writing and publishing, to blog design, to parfum creation. She loves hanging out with her DH and spending time with her kids and grandkids. She is also extremely weak-willed and lets her sister talk her into hosting contests like these when she really has too much other work to do.


Suan said...

an ipad of course !

Anonymous said...

You hope to find an ipad. and if you just find gold you could use that to get the ipad it would be a win win situation.

Taffy said...

You want an iPad? I'd like to play with one.

brendajean said...

I would love an ipad too!

Suan said...

way to blame it all on me