Thursday, June 03, 2010

Chasing Twilight Sponsor Question: June 3

Today's Prize:
Twilight Parfum Spritzer

Today's Sponsor:

Sponsor Question:
How many Twilight-inspired fragrances
are offered at

For three chances to win this prize:
  1. Go to and count them. Come back here and post your answer in the comments section of this post. Correctly answer the question by midnight June 4.

  2. Answer today's Eclipse Trivia question.

  3. Answer today's Road Trip question.

To earn 2 points toward the Grand Prize:
  • Correctly answer this question any time before July 3, 2010

About Karlene:

In her spare time, Karlene makes perfumes. She used to make them as a business, now she only does it for herself and the occasional occasion (like the release of Eclipse).

When she's not making perfumes, she's annoying her children and making rude comments about her sisters.


Suan said... do enjoy making rude comments about your sisters...good thing we can take a joke :)

there are 21 twilight inspired fragrances... and i like them all!

Taffy said...

21 fragrances!
I liked Jacob.
Though, I consider myself Team Carlisle

brendajean said...

There are 21 fragrances. I think I'd like to try bitten :>

CL Beck, author said...

What? You've been making rude comments about your sisters and I missed them? Bummer! Maybe you could make a few more, just to catch me up to speed! :)

And I'm thinking since Taffy and BrendaJean said there are 21 fragrances, that how many I'll say, too.

All kidding aside, I was out at your site and there are indeed, 21 fragrances. Another 10 and you'd have as many flavors as Baskin Robbins. :)

I think I'd like Carlisle.