Friday, June 18, 2010

Chasing Twilight Sponsor Question: June 18

Today's Prize: Twilight Saga Swag Box
• Vintage-inspired metallic rose earrings
• Ghirardelli assorted chocolate squares
• Lindt Lindor Truffles
• “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” by Stephenie Meyer

Sponsor: Sarah M. Eden

Sponsor Question: In his “I Need Friends Friday” interview, whom does Jacob Black say he wouldn't date?
(HINT: Interview)

For three chances to win this prize:
  1. Visit Sarah's site and correctly answer her question by midnight June 19

  2. Answer today's Eclipse Trivia question.

  3. Answer today's Road Trip question.

To earn 2 points toward the Grand Prize:

  • Visit Sarah's site and correctly answer her question any time before July 3, 2010.

About Sarah:

According to my drivers license, I am 5-feet tall and 120lbs. Both of these numbers are slightly optimistic versions of the truth.

According to the Mother's Day card I received from my youngest child when she was in preschool, my favorite thing to do is “not cook.”

I am the author of multiple Regency-era romances including the 2008 Whitney Award Finalist “Seeking Persephone” and the 2010 acclaimed release “Courting Miss Lancaster.”

Visit Sarah at

While you're there, read Sarah's interviews with Edward and Bella. They are hilarious!

P.S. Sarah is looking for interviewees for her I Need Friends Friday. I was interviewed back in April and it was lots of fun. Go volunteer to be interviewed. ALL OF YOU!


Taffy said...

Sarah's interviews are awesomesauce! And Jacob wouldn't date a Happy Meal.

brendajean said...

Jacob's pretty sure he wouldn't date a Happy Meal. It was one of Sarah's best interviews. Be sure to check out Edward's too. (don't discontinue INFF Sarah! We live for fridays!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA ! Her interview made me laugh my head off :D ! He says he wouldn't date a Happy Meal. And of course he wouldn't because he'd probably eat it first :D


Suan said...

jacob would not date a happy meal.
i read jacob's interview and edward's interview....they were both so funny... i love the game played with edward when he answered your i don't bite people on funny...i also loved the inff you did with karlene...i enjoy reading your inff interviews

Anonymous said...

Jacob said he wouldn't date a Happy Meal! Freakin' hilarious. Bella's interview cracked me up too.!

Dina said...

Jacob: I'm pretty sure I wouldn't date a Happy Meal. Her interview was pretty funny.