Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chasing Twilight Sponsor Question: June 23

Today's Prize:
Book Bling Wolf Bookmark

Today's Sponsor:

Sponsor Question:
What is the name of the website where LibrisPro will be selling eBooks?
(Hint: Click on "Bookstore" link in the Main Menu, left sidebar)

For three chances to win this prize:
  1. Go to LibrisPro to find the answer. Come back here and post your answer in the comments section of this post by midnight June 24 extended to midnight, June 26th.

  2. Answer today's Eclipse Trivia question.

  3. Answer today's Road Trip question.

To earn 2 points toward the Grand Prize:
  • Answer this question any time before July 3, 2010

About LibrisPro:

Yes, LibrisPro is another one of Karlene's businesses. (Attention span of a flea, remember?) This is the one that's getting my focus right now, when I can tear myself away from this Chasing Twilight contest.

Right now I'm working on a book design/typeset for a book to be released in August and I'm converting a couple of print books into eBooks.


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