Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 18 Winner: Suan!

Day 17 was sponsored by Sarah M. Eden

The question was:
Whom does Jacob Black say he wouldn't date?

The answer: A Happy Meal.

And the winner of the Twilight Saga Swag Box is:

Suan has been a wonderful co-sponsor of this event. She is really a cool sister, so I'm glad she finally won something!

Speaking of how cool she is, I was thinking the other day that it was too bad I couldn't win some of these prizes because they are really awesome. So yesterday, she came down to my house and we watched Twilight and New Moon together, in preparation for Eclipse on July 3rd. And you know what she did? She brought me my very own Twilight Swag Bag!

How totally cool is that???

Thanks, Suan!

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Dina said...

I know I am late to join the party, but was hoping to win this prize, but that's ok maybe one of the next ones, congrats Suan. :)

Suan said...

thanks...i can't believe i finally won a prize :)