Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 19 & 20 Winners!

How did I get so far behind???

Oh, yeh. Real life. So sorry. Here are a couple of winners...

Day 19 was sponsored by Suan/Life is Good

The question was:
What is the name of my book club?

The answer: The Office Goddess Book Club.

And the winner of the Set of Forks Forks is:


Day 20 was sponsored by Suan/Life is Good and Karlene/Inksplasher

The question was:
How old is Edward today?

The answer: 109.

And the winner of the Edward Birthday Swag Box is:


Send me your full name and mailing address and we will get those prizes off to you.

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Dina said...

thank you :)

congrats Yadkny.

*yadkny* said...

Ya, congrats Dina!!!

Thanks to both Karlene & Suan for host/sponsoring this great contest :)