Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Day 6 Winner: Brendajean!

Day 5 was sponsored by Inksplasher

The question was:
What is the name of another of Yvonne's books?

The answer: Any of the following
  • A Real Mom's Guide to Homeschooling with the Book of Mormon
  • A Real Mom's Guide to the Latter-day Prophets

  • A Real Mom's Guide to American History (Pt 1)

  • A Real Mom's Guide to American History (Pt 2)

And the winner of 33 Habits of a Really Good Man is:


I've got your mailing address from a previous prize, so I'll send that off to you today.

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1 comment:

brendajean said...

Um,...I think I should feel guilty for winning again,...but I don't. (hee-hee) If you'd like to hold onto all of my winnings and just send them at once in the end, that would be fine with me. (I'm hoping to win again of course)
I'm having a blast with this contest. I love the trivia and the road trip is hilarious!!