Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forks or Bust: Day 15

Another day in Spokane, gearing up for the 5 hour drive to Seattle tomorrow. (We're getting so CLOSE!!!)

So, what did we do? We went Chocolate Hopping!

First stop, the Chocolate Apothecary...
where I got this Romance Package of Gourmet Truffles.
No sharing!

Then we went to Boehm's
sort of a flower/chocolate shop mix.
The place smelled like heaven!
We got their Signature collection to share.
It comes in two or four-tiered boxes.
We got the four-tier, of course.

We also got a package of each of these sort of truffle-ey things.
They had them in Milk and Dark chocolate with yummy centers.
My fave was the raspberry flavor dipped in dark chocolate.
Unfortunately, no one else got to taste them because they disappeared.
Or something.

Next was Bruttle's at the Davenport Hotel.
Their Dark Chocolate Caramallows are to DIE for!

Spokandy was where I spent the most money because of all their sugar-free chocolates.
I got their 16 oz Gift Box, some Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, some Murphys and Caramel Patties, Chocolate Fudge, a bunch of Taffy, and some jelly beans. Yum!!

Last stop was Pixie Dust Chocolates—my favorite!
What a fun name! Too bad Twilight doesn't have any pixies in the story line.

I mean, seriously, have you ever seen chocolate this fun before???

Someone contact Summit Entertainment and see if they can add pixies to Breaking Dawn...

or butterflies.
Butterflies would be nice.

So now we're done for the day and are back in our hotel. We're supposed to be packing up but Kandis, Sarah and Nichole are bouncing off the walls like they're on speed. Sandra, Rebecca and Tristi are passed out from sugar comas (wimps). Suan, Kristen and I are sitting here plotting how to hide the rest of the chocolate so no one knows we've got it. Wish us luck. :)

Today's Travel Question:

The hands down best chocolate in the entire world is...

Leave an answer in the comments section of this post by midnight June 16 and you will be entered to win today's Daily Prize.

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Taffy said...

I have to let you know today's post was amazingly rude and insensitive. The only chocolate I have at home right now is PB M&MS. They taste like chocolate flavored wax now.
Thanks alot! ;) JK. Sorta.
I really like Dove dark chocolate and Bliss. But the best by far was the hot cocoa I had in Paris. Dark cocoa. To. Die. For.

brendajean said...

I think I went into a diabetic coma just reading your post!!!!! Honestly I'm ruffling through my cupboards for anything satisfying right now! My favorite? Anything from Belgium. Seriously dangerous chocolate there :)

Sandra said...

Oh, yes- Chocolate from Europe- no waxy anything- just pure chocolate heaven.
(I am not really in a sugar coma- I am just pretending so I can see where Karlene hides the chocolate and sneak it back for the rest of us)

Anonymous said...

I love chocolate! I especially heart Dove dark chocolate around Valentine's Day!

Suan said...

i really want to go chocolate hopping for real ! ! ! !
my favorite is V chocolate's chocolate covered strawberries...the are soooooooo good :) and milk chocolate carmels too !

Anonymous said...

milk chocolate covered cream candy from old kentucky candies. yummmmmm. blue mondays. nothing better in the world.

Suan said...

when we all meet at the eclipse movie we should bring a box of our very favorite chocolate to share and do our own lazy version of chocolate hopping......or we could do a local version of chocolate hopping...who's up????

Anonymous said...

Well, my fave chocolate is from Wilbur's Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania ! They have really good semi-sweet chocolate :D


Dina said...

since I've not had really any chocolates other then the stores I can't say. will keep looking