Sunday, June 20, 2010

Forks or Bust: Day 18

We've had so much fun here in Seattle that I'm behind on posting. Sorry. So I'm giving you extra time to comment on this post—you have till midnight on Monday. Comments on this post will be entered in the drawing for the June 19th Daily Prize.

On Friday, June 18th, we went to the Japanese Gardens (beautiful!)

We also visited Rosalie's Doll Museum. (Yes, this is Rosalie Hale's museum, but she is incognito as "Rosalie Whyel".)

Although I never was a big doll player, dolls have always fascinated me. Rosalie's has over 1,200 dolls on permanent display, plus many more in their Changing Gallery Exhibit. Here are a few of my favs:

16" Bisque Doll
Bisque swivel head, hands, lower legs & feet.
Blue glass eyes, pierced ears, antique mohair wig & cork pate.
Valued at:

Ernst Heubach Toddlers
Blue sleep eyes and mohair wigs c1920. Valued at: $545

Left: 22" Rare Early Fashion Child
Blue glass eyes with early gorgeous unusual face. Feathered brows, outlined eyes & lips. Original blonde, softly curled mohair wig. c1875. Valued at: $4500

Center: 14.5" German Black Wax
Reinforced poured wax shoulder & head with brown glass set eyes & black curly skin wig. Rare, beautiful latte coloring wearing original costume. c1880. Valued at: $1495.

22.5" Unusual East India Lady
Hindu lady wears sari made of fine cotton with gold metallic trim. Papier Mache head, arms, and molded shoes with cloth body. c1930s.
Valued at:

20" Sasha Morgenthaler Dolls
Left: Sasha Studio Girl with a darker skin tone, brown eyes & pink lips. Long brunette, highlighted human hair. Valued at: $6950

Right: Sasha Kit Doll in her original blue checked dress. Painted features, light brown eyes. Gypsum head entirely hand-painted. Blonde human hair wig. Valued at: $4950

Front: Sasha Studio Boy with brown human hair wig,
black eyes & red lips, darker skin tone
. Valued at: $7950

Along with the really old and valuable dolls, Rosalie's has some modern classics that I remember from my childhood.

19" Raggedy Andy by Georgene Novelties, Inc.
Black outlined nose, reddish hair & original clothes. c30s-40s .
Valued at:
I had a Raggedy Anne.

Mattel Baby Pattaburp
I also had Baby Pattaburp. I remember how cute she was when I first got her. When you pat her on the back, she burps. Loved it!
My brother performed brain surgery on her by hammering a nail through the back of her head. She looks horrid—what with the big holes in her head and she has almost no hair left and her original clothes are gone.
But I still have her.

Barbie was a huge favorite of my friends. I didn't love my Barbies, but I played with them so I could play with my friends.

1st Barbie
I didn't have one of these first Barbie dolls. Personally, I think she's ugly.
I'm amazed she sold well enough to warrant production of a second Barbie!

By the time Midge came along, Barbie was looking much better. I had the red-haired one in the middle. I didn't like to play regular Barbies—they were too hard to dress and undress. But I loved making costumes for my Barbie dolls and using them as puppets to act out stories and fairy tales.

Another 1960s Barbie doll. Suan had this one. I can remember when she got it for her birthday. My other sister, Elaine, got another doll—I thought it was named Skooter, but I can't find it anywhere on the web.

Rosalie's also has a big display of some future classics.

Today's Travel Question:

What character doll would you like to see Mattel make?

Leave an answer in the comments section of this post by midnight June 21 and you will be entered to win today's Daily Prize.

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brendajean said...

Dante from The Hourglass Door. He's fabulous and can do fantastic things with time.

Dina said...

Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen.

Suan said...

robert downey jr
and maybe the REAL edward

Suan said...

i loved my skipper...i still have her...wonder if they had a baby crawl-a-long she was my favorite baby doll

Taffy said...

I use to have Donny and Marie :)
A friend bought me a muse for my bday and it's Jane Austen. Nephi the action figure is her boyfriend.

*yadkny* said...

I would like to see Mattel make...