Sunday, June 20, 2010

Forks or Bust: Day 19

Seattle has so many amazing sites to see and places to visit! There is just no way we could do them all. But here's a brief sampling of how we spent our Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the Space Needle.
The Needle is soooo awesome!

Talk about a room with a view!
At 605 feet tall, the Space Needle gives you a spectacular view of Seattle.

Tristi and Suan at the top of the Needle.

Nichole, Sarah and Rebecca with Seattle in the background.

After the needle (and yes, we ate at the restaurant at the top), Stephanie Dawson acted as our tour guide through the rest of the city.

Stephanie in front of the "Teacup House".

All over the sidewalks on Broadway at Capitol Hill, there are dance steps set into the concrete. Of course, we had to try them out.
Dance, Dance Revolution!

Jimi Hendrix statue on Capitol Hill,
across from Seattle Central Community College.

Megan & Karlene at Greenwood Memorial Park.
This is Jimi Hendrix's grave site. We visited this site at
the request of DH, who is a big fan.

Kandis at the Pike Place Market.

After over two weeks of road food, it was
great to get some REAL fruits and veggies!

This little piggy went to market.
Karlene & Kristen playing at the market.

Jessica and Sandra in front of Microsoft.

Fremont Troll under the Aurora Bridge.

Saturday was a fun day but boy, are we sore from all the walking around! Good thing we can rest tomorrow before we head off on Monday.

Today's Travel Question:

We need to soak in a hot tub to ease our muscle aches.
What fragrance should we put in the water?

Leave an answer in the comments section of this post by midnight June 21 and you will be entered to win today's Daily Prize.

Leave an answer in the comments section any time before July 3, 2010 and you earn 1 point toward the Grand Prize.


Dina said...

rose, they smell so lovely

Suan said... hear it's relaxing and helps you sleep...i just want to sleep...i am so tired afer our busy day

brendajean said...

Lavender to relax you, and eucalyptus to loosen those sore muscles. Try not to cram so much into one day! You're going to need a vacation to recover from your virtual vacation!

Taffy said...

Lavender or mint rosemary...

*yadkny* said...

I'd go with Lavender to calm you and Rose because I like that smell the best.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I really like the fruity stuff. So I guess go with some fruit smelling bubble bath !