Monday, June 28, 2010

Forks or Bust: Day 28

Another day in the town of Forks.

Today we visited Forks High School.
It's a good thing we came when we did.
They're tearing it down and building a new one.

They had a big party and invited all the alumni to attend.

The Cullens and Hales were there.

As were some more recent graduates.

Then we went to the hospital where Carlisle works.

Kristen and Rebecca are pointing out Carlisle's designated parking spot.

Inside the hospital, we find the man himself.

Heather pretended to be hurt so he would come talk to us,
but when all 11 of us tried to crowd into the exam room, he called our bluff.

Here he is telling Rosalie and Edward how lame we are.

But we don't care.

Then we went to the Swan home.
Kandis and Jessica got a photo by the sign.

This is a closer shot.

No one was home so we couldn't get pics inside.
But we did go into the forest by Bella's house.

Edward was there playing monkey boy.

No, I'm not holding the camera sideways.
Edward is just showing off.

Last stop of the day was Newton's.
We stocked up on groceries and bought some stuff for blisters.
We've been hiking a lot.

Today's Travel Question:

If you could have a vampire super-power,
what would you want it to be?

Leave an answer in the comments section of this post by midnight June 29 and you will be entered to win June 28 's Daily Prize.

Leave an answer in the comments section any time before July 3, 2010 and you earn 1 point toward the Grand Prize.


Dina said...

to see the future.

Jess said...

I look better in the virtual road trip pictures than I do in real life road tip ones ha ha.. I may just have to go on more virtual road trips.. :)

Taffy said...

I like the super beauty part!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I've never actually thought of that before ! Hmm, I think I would like to read peoples' minds...even though that would probably be pretty scarring...


Anonymous said...

I dont think i would want one. They come with too much responsibilty and then the volturi want you and its just huge ordeal so I think I would stick with just being a regular OLD lol vampire.

brendajean said...

I'd love to control moods- like Jasper. As a mom, it would make life so much easier :)

*yadkny* said...

I think I would like to be fast. Maybe I could save some money on gas.

ferretvamp14 said...

To see the future!