Saturday, June 05, 2010

Forks or Bust: Day 4

Yesterday was such a busy day, which is why I'm late posting. First, we were up really late the night before, becoming BFFs with various celebs. Therefore, we got a late start Friday morning.

Before leaving Jackson Hole, we stopped by the Ripley's Museum. Although some of my fellow travelers were attracted to the creepier displays, my favs were the unusual pieces of art.

Crayon Sculptures by Diem Chau. (see MORE )

Japanese artist, Haroshi made this from recycled skate decks. He builds his sculptures based on the traditional methods of building Great Buddha Statues. (See more on Kronikle.)

Nichole wanted to steal this dress made completely from M&M wrappers.
(See more at Terracycle)

Isn't this one amazing? Made by Toge-NYC, of Tokyo Japan,
with plastic utensils and a glue gun!

Of course, before we left, we all signed up to win the shrunken head.
And you can to. Go here for a chance to win!

So, in the afternoon, we made the 2 hour drive around to Yellowstone proper, so we could see Old Faithful.

Or at least, it should have only taken 2 hours. It ended up taking us almost four because we had to stop a couple of times for potty-breaks because we were all slammin' down caffeinated drinks to get our energy up. (Shh! don't tell.)

Also, we almost got arrested because Kandis started flirting with some guys at a rest stop.
They were undercover policemen trying to arrest hookers. It took a lot of fast talking to get back on the road again.

We finally reached the park around dinner time. Old Faithful is really quite amazing.
Here are some facts:
Old Faithful erupts more frequently than any of the other big geysers, although it is not the largest or most regular geyser in the park. Its average interval between eruptions is about 91 minutes, varying from 65 - 92 minutes. An eruption lasts 1 1/2 to 5 minutes, expels 3,700 - 8,400 gallons (14,000 - 32,000 liters) of boiling water, and reaches heights of 106 - 184 feet (30 - 55m). It was named for its consistent performance by members of the Washburn Expedition in 1870. Although its average interval has lengthened through the years (due to earthquakes and vandalism), Old Faithful is still as spectacular and predictable as it was a century ago.

And here's a link to an Online Tour.

By the time we'd seen the geyser and walked back to our car, we were too pooped to scout out any places where Cullens might be hiding. We decided to call it a night and start fresh tomorrow. (which is now today).

Today's Travel Question:

Go to the Ripley's blog and cruise around.
What is your favorite thing there?

Leave an answer in the comments section of this post by midnight June 5 and you will be entered to win today's Daily Prize.

Leave an answer in the comments section any time before July 3, 2010 and you earn 1 point toward the Grand Prize.

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RaShelle said...

They have an attraction site in Jackson Hole, WY. That's close! I'm going to go visit!

Suan said...

i like the idea of the toe mouse

Nichole Giles said...

I can't believe you wouldn't cover for me so I could try on that dress! Come on. A dress made out of candy wrappers? You know the designers totally had me in mind. Sheesh.

Next time, maybe. Next time.

Taffy said...

How about my least favorite? Fish and chips ice cream. BLAH.
I think I'll go eat my chocolate now.

brendajean said...

um,...I have to be honest. I thought the toe wrestling was a kick!