Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Forks or Bust: Day 9

We heard that the Cullens and the Denali clan often enjoy coming to the Silverwood Theme Park, just outside of Couer d'Alene. They rent it out at night, just for them.

Of course, they're totally rich, so that's not a problem.

We had to go during the usual daylight hours.

We spent all day at the Silverwood Theme Park,

Brandi and Jess getting ready to hit the water slides.

Sandra & Nichole in the teacups.

Rebecca on the Panic Plunge.

Kristen and Sarah on the Ferris Wheel.
They're the only one who got to ride with a Cullen.

Suan and Karlene on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Kandis on the Log Flume.

After 8 hours at the park, we went back to the hotel and died.

Today's Travel Question:

If you could take your favorite Twilight character on a ride,
who would it be and which ride would you go on?

Leave an answer in the comments section of this post by midnight June 10 and you will be entered to win today's Daily Prize.

Leave an answer in the comments section any time before July 3, 2010 and you earn 1 entry toward the Grand Prize.

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Nichole Giles said...

I would totally take Jacob, and we'd go on that Flying over California ride at Disney California. I think Jacob would totally enjoy that.

Or I might take Edward on the Tower of Terror. Because, his reaction might be highly amusing.

Oh wait. Those are Disney rides. Why can't I remember the names of the rides at Silverwood? Hm...

brendajean said...

I'd take Emmitt along on one of the haunted castle rides so we could sit close :) (in a parallel universe of course where I am not actually ecstatically married to my own Edward)

Suan said...

it's a small world with edward...
dark cave like ride with edward.
yes that's what i'd do :)

Suan said...

i forgot to specify that would be "my edward" and not the "movie edward"

Anonymous said...

i would take jasper on the sky coaster or catapolt so he could make me feel really scared and excited more than it normally would.

Anonymous said...

Umm... did i see one of the werewolves jump into the water behind me. I dont think that was high enough for them. I guess they just cant control themselves.

Anonymous said...

oh it was jacob he was just making sure i made it down safely. Gosh he is so sweet. Lol!

Anonymous said...

i want to go on any ride no matter to me which one but any one with the one werewolf that jacob fights in new moon, the really cute one that i dont remember which one he is but him. morgan

Taffy said...

MY hubby and I would double date with Esme and Carlisle.

Jess said...

Hey look brandi and I went on the water slides!!!

Sarah M Eden said...

Yea. Edward and I are cool like that. We're totally friends. I have written proof.

Dina said...

Jacob, hed prob have more fun on a roller coaster,