Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh My Gosh! I Love THIS!!!

From the looks of my blog, most people would think I'm a HUGE Twilight fan.

They'd be wrong. I'm only a medium Twilight fan. I'm a HUGE "let's have some fun with this latest trend" fan.

But. If I were to actually go fan-crazy over something, it would definitely be Buffy. My favorite show of all time (don't hate me).

Bethany Wiggins
posted this on her blog and on Facebook. It is definitely worth the 6 minutes it takes to watch it!

Just realized this is too wide for my blog format.
See the full screen version HERE.


Bethany Wiggins said...

You're so sweet to link to me!!! I wish I could take credit for the awesome video.

Dina said...

I also loved Buffy, so no haters here, lol. Spike James Marters will be at Chicago Comic con this Aug and we plan on going and hoping to see him. :)

how funny, look what my cde to post was:bufficla lol

Dina said...

Karlene, I'm having issus trying to email you I can't access your addy, what should I do? thanks.

ali said...

I love this so much. I makes me very happy. I'm a die-hard Buffy fan too :)

brendajean said...

Hysterical! It makes me a little sad when Edward (Cedric) gets it in the end though. Buffy kicks.

Suan said...

funny....but not the ending :)