Monday, July 12, 2010

And you thought we were done with Eclipse...


Guess what I forgot all about? The Chasing Twilight Road Trip Playlist/CD.

to go to the survey.

You may vote for as many of the songs as you like.

The top 10 songs with the most votes get on the CD.

The song with THE MOST votes becomes our theme song.

(And it better be Total Eclipse of the Heart because, c'mon! Really.)

You have until midnight on Wednesday, July 14th.

Prizes that include the playlist CD will not be shipped until the playlist is done.

*Not all the songs are in the playlist (at the bottom of the blog). Had trouble finding them. If you need to listen to the ones marked with an asterisk (*), you'll have to hunt them down on YouTube.

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Suan said...

i think i voted